Motorola Shows Off Cheap Sexy Still-Unannounced i335 for Nextel

The i335 is a thin candybar with a rubber keypad that feels like leather and a funky corrugated plastic back. It's been rumored here and there, and should not be confused with an older Moto with the same name. Regardless, Motorola and its partner in iDEN crime Sprint (as in Nextel) have yet to say anything more than… » 7/26/07 9:45pm 7/26/07 9:45pm

Gallagher Blends In At Motorola's Line Show

I turn around at the Motorola show and there's Gallagher (first name unknown). Apparently he reviews gadgets these days. I ask him what size of mallet it would take to smash a Moto phone, and he says the phones look pretty sturdy. This might have been code for "Everyone asks me smashing questions all the time and I've… » 7/26/07 9:28pm 7/26/07 9:28pm

Motorola Quietly Introduces MOTOROKR T505 Bluetooth Music FM…

Today at the Motorola holiday show in NYC, amid a sea of RAZR-style phones and accessories that many Giz readers have already seen, Motorola showed off a few new items. The coolest (we hope) will be the ROKR T505 speakerphone. Like its predecessors in the T line, this one clips to the visor above your head. But unlike… » 7/26/07 8:46pm 7/26/07 8:46pm