Motorola Atrix HD Review: A $100 Android Phone That Doesn't Suck

The original Motorola Atrix was a big star of CES 2011. Despite the fact that it morphed into the world's worst laptop, the phone itself actually held its own. Now, the Atrix is back. The gimmicks are gone, and what's left is a solid, affordable phone with a sharp HD screen and a speedy OS. Is the new Atrix about to… » 7/23/12 4:40pm 7/23/12 4:40pm

Droid Bionic Coming September 8th, According to New Leaks

Droid Bionic, where have you been? You've been teasing us since January, and now that you're finally coming, will people care or will you be out-shone by others who got to the party sooner and look at least as pretty? » 9/01/11 10:40am 9/01/11 10:40am

Will Motorola Really Muck Up the Xoom Tablet with Motoblur? (Updated)

According to Motorola's European head of Android product management, Motorola wants to put the Motoblur interface on their upcoming Xoom tablet, which would be sad for a countless amount of reasons. But there's also something that doesn't add up. Updated. » 1/21/11 2:55pm 1/21/11 2:55pm

More Leaked Shots of Motorola's Square Android Slider For AT&T,…

That weird little Android 2.1-running, Motoblur-skinned slider that popped up in April? It's showing its square self off again in a few more leaked shots, this time with a possible codename and a likely carrier: Motorola Chindi and AT&T. » 8/17/10 3:26pm 8/17/10 3:26pm

The T-Mobile Motorola Charm Looks Like An Android Version Of The Old…

T-Mobile just announced the Motorola Charm and it's just like what we saw, an ugly but sort of interesting Android phone. But if you can get over its looks, it's the first Android phone that channels the Moto Q form factor. » 7/07/10 3:54pm 7/07/10 3:54pm