Official: Motorola Q Coming to AT&T

For those of you who were waiting, praying for the Motorola Q to come to AT&T, we have two things to say. One, you can quit it, because AT&T's just put up a promo page detailing that their Q wil have WM6, 3G, integrated GPS, quad-band GSM, BlackBerry Connect, Push Email, XPress Mail, and the same old Moto Q design. The… » 9/12/07 5:00pm 9/12/07 5:00pm

Battery Test: Motorola's Qs Go Head to Head

As much as I love my Moto Q, I can't stand that its battery barely makes it through a day. Seriously, this phone cannot last 24 hours (even with very light use). So we checked out the goods on the new Moto Q9 and guess what? It's using the same battery as the old Q. Does this mean you'll have to carry around a spare… » 5/15/07 3:40pm 5/15/07 3:40pm

Motorola Q For Sprint Dated and Reviewed (Verdict: No Better Than…

Sprint has officially announced the availability (mid-Januray online and mid-February in stores; $299 with two-year agreement) of the Motorola Q Windows Mobile 5-powered smartphone and Laptop magazine has already taken a good look at it. Let's just say that Sprint didn't exactly pull out all the stops to improve its Q… » 1/04/07 11:34am 1/04/07 11:34am