Butt-Crack Detector: Plumbers Are So Hot These Days

Instructables posted a guide to creating a plumbers'-crack detector, using a LilyPad Arduino » 10/25/08 9:00am 10/25/08 9:00am controller, a vibrating motor, and a photoresistor to measure how much light is beaming into your crack. When the photoresistor comes uncovered, the motor starts to vibrate, letting you know that your "coin slot" is exposed…

Motor Home With Motorized Balcony as American as Apple Pie

Country Coach's Veranda motor home has a motorized balcony that deploys in 20 seconds with optional BBQ and 37-inch TV. The marketing material insists you'll be reducing your "footprint on the environment" and suggests that it would be great to fish or play catch from without ever leaving the comfort of your… » 8/03/08 3:26pm 8/03/08 3:26pm

Roller Blades of Death have Petrol Motor, No Brakes

Customs officers in Britain have seized 150 pairs of motorized roller blades, amid safety fears. The skates, known as Gasoline Skating Shoes, are fitted with a 25cc motor and have a top speed of 20mph. Since the skates are classed as a motorized vehicle, users would need a driving license, insurance and L-plates, were… » 8/01/07 7:40am 8/01/07 7:40am

Chainsaw-powered Motorcycle Cuts Through Highways

Ghost Rider was always my favorite super-hero. Not only was he invincible, but he also got to ride around on a flaming motorcycle. While this motorcycle doesn't sport any flames, it's about as close as you'll get to feeling invincible. Nicknamed the Dolmette, it uses 24 Dolmar chainsaw engines to propel you on the… » 12/14/06 3:46pm 12/14/06 3:46pm

Earthrace Boat: Carbon Trimaran Stabs Through Waves, Video

The Earthrace boat isn't some Greenpeace sponsored, treehugging tug. No! It's a treehugging, carbon/Kevlar-hulled, 1080-Horsepower, 78 foot speedboat with a sharp bow meant to harpoon waves. Apparently, submarining through the crests of waves is a lot more efficient than going up and over them. And, as Wired reported,… » 8/18/06 7:47pm 8/18/06 7:47pm