I Want to Stand in Front of This Motorized Mirror to Break My Brain

Like those pin art toys where you can create images by pushing out certain pins, this mirror recreates your image by using hundreds of spokes and motors to re-align and replicate itself to look like the thing standing in front of it. It's a mind trip seeing little spokes making a bigger image. » 4/03/13 8:30pm 4/03/13 8:30pm

A Boat Motor That Blends A Fine Cocktail

Anyone with a boat powered by a vintage Johnson motor will tell you that a well-maintained outboard engine can last decades. When then motor finally dies, don't discard it. Convert the engine into the best-looking blender ever. » 9/01/11 11:18pm 9/01/11 11:18pm

A Trash Boat Made Of Plastic Bottles and Advertising Banners

It's hard to believe but that boat above is made entirely from trash. The trimaran was part of an eco-friendly boat competition sponsored by the National Geographic Channel in Taiwan. » 6/09/11 9:24pm 6/09/11 9:24pm

These Shoes Can Walk Themselves

Walking! Some people like it so much they do it faster. Other people try to avoid it as much as they can. These motorized shoes are for the walking haters, because the shoes can walk on their own. » 10/02/10 5:00pm 10/02/10 5:00pm

iPod Touch Contains Motor for Vibrating FaceTime Alerts

Missed in the FCC teardown, it appears the latest iPod Touch has a puzzling new addition to its family of components: a vibrating motor? Apple claims it's for alerting a user to a FaceTime request. [iPodTouchFans via 9to5Mac via MacRumors] » 9/06/10 4:11am 9/06/10 4:11am

My Weak Muscles Need This Self-Pulling Suitcase

I have the musculature of a ten-year-old. Thus, I really want this self-propelled suitcase that holds up to 70 lbs and scoots at up to 3 MPH. » 3/30/09 8:30pm 3/30/09 8:30pm

Proteus Motor Swims Through Bloodstream, Looks Pretty Much Like a Sperm

The tiny Proteus motor, at only 2.5 times the width of a human hair, is small enough to enter the bloodstream and perform duties previously requiring some surgical slice-and-dice. » 1/31/09 9:30am 1/31/09 9:30am

Butt-Crack Detector: Plumbers Are So Hot These Days

Instructables posted a guide to creating a plumbers'-crack detector, using a LilyPad Arduino » 10/25/08 9:00am 10/25/08 9:00am controller, a vibrating motor, and a photoresistor to measure how much light is beaming into your crack. When the photoresistor comes uncovered, the motor starts to vibrate, letting you know that your "coin slot" is exposed…

Motor Home With Motorized Balcony as American as Apple Pie

Country Coach's Veranda motor home has a motorized balcony that deploys in 20 seconds with optional BBQ and 37-inch TV. The marketing material insists you'll be reducing your "footprint on the environment" and suggests that it would be great to fish or play catch from without ever leaving the comfort of your… » 8/03/08 3:26pm 8/03/08 3:26pm

Paper Stirling Engine Runs Off Hot Coffee

This papercraft engine only needs to sit on a cup of hot coffee to drive its pistons. No, it's not the precious caffeine that drives the motion, but the Stirling engine design, in which the difference between alternating hot and cold gas pressure is harnessed for power. » 8/11/07 3:45pm 8/11/07 3:45pm

Roller Blades of Death have Petrol Motor, No Brakes

Customs officers in Britain have seized 150 pairs of motorized roller blades, amid safety fears. The skates, known as Gasoline Skating Shoes, are fitted with a 25cc motor and have a top speed of 20mph. Since the skates are classed as a motorized vehicle, users would need a driving license, insurance and L-plates, were… » 8/01/07 7:40am 8/01/07 7:40am

Motorized Lego Monster Dino

The last time I played with Lego's my parents had to ask me what it was, since they couldn't even fathom a guess as to what I had created. If only I could have put together something as amazing as the motorized Lego Monster Dino. He walks, roars and definitely doesn't need an introduction. » 6/15/07 2:00pm 6/15/07 2:00pm

Chainsaw-powered Motorcycle Cuts Through Highways

Ghost Rider was always my favorite super-hero. Not only was he invincible, but he also got to ride around on a flaming motorcycle. While this motorcycle doesn't sport any flames, it's about as close as you'll get to feeling invincible. Nicknamed the Dolmette, it uses 24 Dolmar chainsaw engines to propel you on the… » 12/14/06 3:46pm 12/14/06 3:46pm

Motorized House Always Turns to Bright Side

We always start our day with a glorious view of the piss-stained alley next to us, but some clever contractor in Australia designed and built a motorized house that rotates to the view of your choice (assuming you have nice views to choose from). The house is made of glass and steel and has a max speed of 1… » 10/24/06 6:10pm 10/24/06 6:10pm

Earthrace Boat: Carbon Trimaran Stabs Through Waves, Video

The Earthrace boat isn't some Greenpeace sponsored, treehugging tug. No! It's a treehugging, carbon/Kevlar-hulled, 1080-Horsepower, 78 foot speedboat with a sharp bow meant to harpoon waves. Apparently, submarining through the crests of waves is a lot more efficient than going up and over them. And, as Wired reported,… » 8/18/06 7:47pm 8/18/06 7:47pm