Daredevil jumps off his flying motorcycle and parachutes into a river

Now this is how you bail on a stunt: when the whole point of the stunt is to bail in the most epic way possible. The motorcyclist in the video flies his motorbike off a ramp, jumps off the bike while releasing his parachute and then lands right into the narrow river as the bike crashes before him. »12/12/14 1:34am12/12/14 1:34am

I Almost Died Watching This Crazy Guy Ride His Dirt Bike on a Snowy Mountain Ridge

This guy, 87mcmahan87 on YouTube, is one ballsy son of a gun. Just watch this video. He recorded himself zooming around on his motorbike on a super skinny and snowy mountain ridge in Colorado. I almost died watching him balance, teeter and tease fate like a madman. If he slipped up, he would've came crashing down to… »1/24/12 12:20am1/24/12 12:20am

Confederate Fighter Motorcycle Placates The Today Show

Last week we collectively drooled over the Confederate Fighter Motorcycle »10/17/08 5:20pm10/17/08 5:20pm, a $110,000 titanium, aluminum and carbon beast that speeds of 190mph. This week it appeared on . And while we don't want to ruin the punchline for anyone, let's just say that no one peels out with the bike...though Merideth Viera is every bit…