You Can Finally Use Moto Maker For Your Republic Wireless Moto X

While you've been able to get the Moto X—the best affordable phone—on Republic Wireless—the cheapest unlimited plan—for several months now, you've been limited to boring ol' black and white phones. No longer! Starting tomorrow (April 1) Republic Wireless will offer access to the colorrific Moto Maker, meaning you can… » 3/31/14 2:27pm 3/31/14 2:27pm

Moto 360: This Is Motorola's Slick Android Wear Powered Smartwatch

We just learned about Android Wear for the first time, and now we're already getting inundated in new hardware. Here's a hot piece of gear from Motorola, the Moto 360. Billed as a more contemporary smartwatch than the clunky wrist-bricks we've seen before, the Moto 360 will supposedly be available this summer. » 3/18/14 12:36pm 3/18/14 12:36pm

Put Your College Colors on a New Moto X (And Get a Student Discount)

If you're a college basketball nut in need of a new smartphone, Motorola's got you covered like a seven-foot defender, with a whole new line of college-themed color combinations you can plaster on a brand new Moto X. Just in time for March Madness! » 3/07/14 1:47pm 3/07/14 1:47pm

How Moto Tech and Pixar Brains Turn Phones Into Storytime

If you own a Moto X, chances are last fall you noticed a small, red hat appear in your notification tray. You either assumed your phone had been hacked and set it on fire, or you boldly clicked the mysterious chapeau and were whisked off to a 3D world that was like being inside a Pixar movie. » 3/05/14 8:49am 3/05/14 8:49am

Can Motorola Still Be Awesome Without Google?

You can make all kinds of guesses about why Google sold Motorola. Did it only want the patents all along? Is it making nice with Samsung? But a more pressing question has been weighing on our minds: "So uh... what about the Moto X?" » 1/30/14 10:20am 1/30/14 10:20am

Motorola's Knocking $100 Off Unlocked Moto X for One Hour on Monday

Holding out for a better price on an unlocked Moto X? Keep waiting until Monday—then scramble like your hair's on fire, because Motorola's cutting off-contract prices by $100 between 3 and 4PM EST on January 27th. » 1/25/14 2:28pm 1/25/14 2:28pm

Wood-Backed Moto X Gets 3 New Finishes And a $75 Price Cut

When Motorola launched the very impressive Moto X, one of the most unique (some would say puzzling) features the company touted was the bamboo back plate. Now, Motorola has added 3 finishes—walnut, teak, and the ebony seen above—and dropped the price to $25. » 1/18/14 4:00pm 1/18/14 4:00pm

The Cheap Moto G Gets a Stock Android Google Play Edition

The Motorola Moto G is a wonderful phone for the money. And the deal just got a tiny bit sweeter for people who would rather run stock Android KitKat than Motorola's very lightly skinned Android UI. It now comes in a Google Play Edition. You know, for the nerds. » 1/14/14 2:37pm 1/14/14 2:37pm

A Droid Apart: Motorola's Rick Osterloh on Google, Moto, and More

The last five years have been full of reinvention for Motorola; it's gone from being kind of a dinosaur, to launching the super-popular Droid line, to being swallowed up by Google, to making some of the best, easiest-to-use smartphones out there. It's been quite a roller-coaster. » 1/09/14 12:00pm 1/09/14 12:00pm

The Most Important Gadgets of 2013

Every year, we're hit by yet another wave of new gadgets. Some of them are good, a lot of them are bad, but a very select few manage to be important. Here are the gadgets that had the biggest impact on the technological landscape in 2013. » 12/30/13 11:00am 12/30/13 11:00am

​Moto G Review: The Best Cheap Phone, But Still a Cheap Phone

Cheap smartphones—we mean really cheap, off-contract smartphones—are terrible. They're tormented by horrid, pixilated screens, they're slower than your grandma, and they feel like they're held together by Scotch tape. The $180 (off-contract!) Moto G is none of those things. It definitely has significant shortcomings,… » 12/09/13 1:57pm 12/09/13 1:57pm