Score a Motorola Atrix for $49.99 This Weekend on AmazonWireless

AT&T's 4G network hasn't gotten the best coverage lately, but all that is scheduled to change any day now, so you may as well jump on board! AmazonWireless is offering the soon-to-be-maybe-we-hope-fully-4G Motorola Atrix—which we liked a lot as a phone, not so much as a netbook—for $49.99 this weekend with a new… » 4/08/11 3:32pm 4/08/11 3:32pm

AT&T's Fake 4G Phones May Actually Get Real 4G Soon

It's been well documented that AT&T's 4G phones aren't just slow—their upload speeds are often slower than its 3G network. So what happened to that extra G? Turns out it's not the network itself that's borked; it's the phones. AT&T has intentionally crippled the Motorola Atrix and HTC Inspire—the carrier's only… » 3/30/11 10:40am 3/30/11 10:40am

Motorola Atrix Review: Great Phone, Weak Netbook

Saying that the Motorola Atrix is the best Android phone isn't a big deal; that throne gets usurped every few months. But even though the Atrix's accompanying laptop dock is slow and and expensive, the idea behind it is one of the first innovations in mobile technology in quite a while. » 2/22/11 11:00am 2/22/11 11:00am

$200 $150 Could Buy You a Motorola Atrix 4G Today

People may still be running around with their hands in the air, screaming about the rumored price of Motorola's Xoom, but at least we know the Atrix 4G is reasonably-priced. It's on sale at AT&T now for $200 with a two year contract. [AT&T via Slashgear] » 2/22/11 5:20am 2/22/11 5:20am

Motorola Atrix On Sale February 22

The Motorola Atrix phone-and-netbook Android device is on February 22 instead of March 6. If you preordered the device or had it shipped to a store, you'll get it delivered on February 21. For earlier impressions, check here. Our review is coming soon! » 2/17/11 12:34pm 2/17/11 12:34pm

Motorola's Crazy Docking Phone Atrix Landing March 1st?

We loved Motorola's Atrix phone at CES, which docks into a PC for properly sci-fi computing. But when oh when will we get our hands on it? According to some leaked AT&T docs, it'll be launching at the carrier on March the 1st. That's not too long to wait, is it? There's also the added advantage of it being after the… » 1/14/11 5:40am 1/14/11 5:40am