Amazon Spills First Droid Bionic Product Pics

Announced at CES and delayed because it was receiving "enhancements," the Motorola Droid Bionic has appeared on Amazon, safely swaddled by a desktop dock and car dock. » 7/22/11 10:12am 7/22/11 10:12am

Droid 3 Will Be Powered by Tegra 2 and Have Global Roaming Capabilities

If these leaked docs are real, the Droid 3 won't cause jaws to drop in the specs department, packing a beefed up version of the 1GHz, dual-core OMAP III chipset and qHD display. But what it will have is the ability to use the phone overseas, which will certainly make it a globetrotter's best friend. [AndroidCentral] » 7/01/11 12:01pm 7/01/11 12:01pm

Motorola Doesn't Think We'll Notice They Launched the Droid 3 In China

After numerous leaks and hints, the Motorola Droid 3 is official—well, in China anyway, where it's being called the Milestone 3 (the European and Asian name for the Droid series.) As expected, the Gingerbread phone is faster, thinner and shoots 1080p videos. » 6/17/11 11:10am 6/17/11 11:10am

Verizon's Motorola Droid 3 to Have 4-Inch qHD Screen and Dual-Core…

Expected around June on Verizon Wireless, the Motorola Droid 3 will be a smart-snappin' 8MP handset with 960 x 540 qHD screen resolution, dual-core processor, and HDMI-out port. The jury is still out on whether it'll be LTE-compatible, however. » 5/24/11 7:20am 5/24/11 7:20am

You'll be Able to Grab Motorola's Droid X2 From Verizon on May 26th

Pretty much everything about the Droid X2 has leaked already, save for the date of launch. Internal Verizon documents are claiming it'll be May 26th, though it'll start showing up around May 19th via direct fulfillment. » 5/17/11 5:20am 5/17/11 5:20am

Leak: Motorola's Droid X2 Will Have a 4.3-Inch qHD Screen, Tegra 2…

Someone at Motorola is being awfully careless with their documents, as more official photos have leaked out of the Droid X2, along with purported specs sheets. » 5/13/11 4:05am 5/13/11 4:05am

Yep, the Motorola Droid 3 Looks Like a 4-Incher

Phones are definitely getting bigger. To wit: on the left is the original Droid, measuring 3.7-inches. In the middle the Droid 2 also has a 3.7-inch screen, but a larger bezel. And on the right? That's a leaked photo of the Motorola Droid 3 (or so it's believed), showing a 4-inch screen. » 4/29/11 3:20am 4/29/11 3:20am

A Stunning Visualization of Android Activations

Between October 2008 and January 2011, millions of people activated Android phones. And if there's a more beautiful way to visualize that than having each individual account light up the sky, I can't even begin to imagine it. Also: man, people really liked that Droid, huh? [Android Developer via Android Central] » 2/24/11 8:17am 2/24/11 8:17am

Motorola Droid X and Droid 2 Overclocked from 1GHz to Whopping 2GHz

Seriously, that's got to hurt. Two forum-posters calling themselves Team DeFuse are claiming they successfully managed to overclock both the Droid 2 and Droid X, taking them from a decent 1.0GHz to spectacular 2.0GHz. We'd be concerned for their safety, if we hadn't seen they survived the task at least long enough to… » 10/22/10 12:47pm 10/22/10 12:47pm

Whoa! Your Mac Can Make the "Droid" Sound

Oh this is fun! You know that noise that Motorola's Droids make? "Drooooid" in that cute droid-y voice? Your Mac can make that exact same sound! It feels a little wrong but damn if it isn't satisfying. Here's how: » 9/17/10 6:36pm 9/17/10 6:36pm

R2-D2 Droid 2 Comes With Themed Dock

A collection of new images of the R2-D2 skinned special edition Droid 2 have been unlocked on Verizon's advertorial web site, showing the phone in much more detail—and revealing this rather nice themed dock. » 9/03/10 11:26am 9/03/10 11:26am

Spotted In a Newspaper Advert: the Unannounced Motorola Droid 2

This must be one of the most leaked phones in the history of tech blogs. Found in a newspaper yesterday, this Verizon advert shows the Droid 2, keyboard splayed and all, with the words "coming soon." Yes, but when? » 8/09/10 4:15am 8/09/10 4:15am

Motorola Droid 2 Cases Rock Up at Best Buy, But Where's the Phone?

An employee at Best Buy Mobile spotted these suspicious cases in a new delivery, and whaddya know—they're emblazoned with the product name of Motorola's much-hyped Droid 2. » 7/30/10 3:08am 7/30/10 3:08am

Motorola Droid Enters Hospice Period

A list of Verizon's End of Life devices has surfaced over at Some of the phones will be missed more than others, but none more than Motorola Droid. » 7/16/10 9:14am 7/16/10 9:14am

Motorola Droid X Review

Dipped in clarified cyborg testosterone as it comes off the assembly line, the Droid X is sci-fi machismo congealed into a phone. Yet it's gelded by steroidal software—a fussy, awkward android with acne the size of asteroids. » 7/15/10 10:00am 7/15/10 10:00am

Froyo Available on Sprint "In Near Future," Motorola Droid X in August

Google may've let Froyo out of the bag, but until the networks and manufacturers release it that won't mean anything to those ready to kick Android 2.1 to the curb. Sprint and Motorola's (rough/unconfirmed) plans are detailed below. UPDATE » 6/25/10 11:42am 6/25/10 11:42am

Droid 2 Versus Droid In Hands-On Benchmark Video

Android and Me has a hands-on video comparison of Droid and Droid 2, along with plenty of benchmarks. It's not far off from the original impressions we saw, but it's the best tale of the tape we've seen yet. » 6/21/10 10:10am 6/21/10 10:10am

Verizon and Motorola Unveiling "The Next Generation of Droid" June 23

Verizon just sent out an invite for an event on June 23 at which they—along with Motorola, Google, and, yup, Adobe—will officially announce "the next generation of Droid." Droid 2? Droid X? Droid Shadow? Get excited, Android fans. » 6/15/10 5:04pm 6/15/10 5:04pm

Motorola's Droid X (Xtreme) and Droid 2 (Shadow) To Drop July/August

Recent rumors are suggesting the Droid X will go on sale in July, with the Droid 2 Shadow the month after in August. Both Android phones will be exclusive to Verizon, and will run on 45nm Texas Instruments' OMAP processors, at 1GHz. This should more than place them in-line with the wealth of Snapdragon-running phones.… » 6/15/10 6:25am 6/15/10 6:25am