Motorola Q11 Spotted, Looks Barely Distinguishable from Q9

Motorola doesn't seem to have a great plan for the mobile space in the next few years, and these spy shots do little to assuage our fears of imminent crappiness »9/25/08 6:15am9/25/08 6:15am. I mean, there's nothing immediately with what we've heard and now seen of the Q11—GPS, Wi-Fi, and 3G are standard fare for smartphones (and even feature…


3GSM 2007: I Heart Motorola's Z8 Banana-Slider and Q9 Smartphone

Without a doubt, the Moto Q9 and the Z8 were the stars of Motorola's 3GSM booth. As a current Q owner, I can say the Q9 has some nice improvements. Most noticeably is the new QWERTY keyboard, which is spaced slight differently than the Q's, but just as comfortable to use. I'm not a fan of sliders, but the Z8 is also… »2/15/07 12:31am2/15/07 12:31am