Motorola Slips Up and Reveals a Dick Tracy Watchphone, Xoom 2 Tablet…

Know how to dig yourself an even deeper hole, after your website inadvertently leaks upcoming products? Ask the site that blogs about them first to remove the screenshots. Not before other sites grabbed them too, though... » 6/01/11 4:34am 6/01/11 4:34am

Yep, the Motorola Droid 3 Looks Like a 4-Incher

Phones are definitely getting bigger. To wit: on the left is the original Droid, measuring 3.7-inches. In the middle the Droid 2 also has a 3.7-inch screen, but a larger bezel. And on the right? That's a leaked photo of the Motorola Droid 3 (or so it's believed), showing a 4-inch screen. » 4/29/11 3:20am 4/29/11 3:20am