Cross-Country Skiing Is Better With a Propeller Attached To Your Back

With a 200cc lawnmower engine, a handmade propeller, and some spare paraglider parts (that he just happened to have kicking around?), Russian tinkerer Sergei Khvalin created a cross-country skiing rig that can send him zipping across the snow at speeds of 25MPH. It weighs 34 pounds, and thus, he explains, can also… » 2/18/11 10:00am 2/18/11 10:00am

Matchbook-Sized Motor Sets 1 Million RPM Record

Researchers from ETH Zurich's Department of Power Electronics have developed a matchbook-sized motor that can spin faster than any other machine in the world—over 1,000,000 rpm. In order to keep it from falling apart at such high speeds, the researchers employed a titanium shell, ultra-thin copper wire for the… » 11/14/08 6:30pm 11/14/08 6:30pm

Mr. T-Wannabe Halves Car with Angle-Grinder to Hack Off Police

A British man who had his car clamped outside his home used an angle-grinder to cut it in two. Ian Taylor's car, which he had bought for $100 for his stepson to use (guess he doesn't like his stepson much) and had yet to tax, was parked on his front drive, but was protruding by two inches onto the pavement. Although… » 5/12/08 8:30am 5/12/08 8:30am