iBikeConsole is Bicycle iPod Mount, Remote Controller, Trip Computer in…

Cycling and listening to an iPod can be pretty dangerous as the music masks the road sounds, and fiddling with the controls can have you veering all over place: iBikeConsole is designed to help with some of that. It's a handlebar iPod nano mount that houses your PMP in a shock and rain-proof case, and comes with… » 9/09/08 5:58am 9/09/08 5:58am

iClooly Stand Gives Your iPod Touch a Mini-iMac Look

This iPod Touch-only stand from Rockridgesound blows the iPhone Xtand out of the water in its iMac-alike styling— it's even got the drive slot there on the right-hand side. Handy for propping the iPod up when you're watching movies, the iClooly's got tilt and rotate functions, and you can connect up the dock connector… » 6/02/08 5:14am 6/02/08 5:14am