Terrifying van ride up the Himalayas would scare the life out of me

So like... Uhh... Yeah... Oh my... this is just the van ride up to the Himalayas. As in, this scariness is only the beginning of something even scarier (that would be climbing the damn thing). Mick Fowler shot this video of his van driving up the mountain and it's so close to the edge of the cliff—we're talking inches… »11/18/13 9:08pm11/18/13 9:08pm

Photographing Mountain Climbers Takes Balls—And Ladders—Of Steel

If you're a photographer who covers extreme athletes like mountain climbers and wants to capture a moment from a unique angle, you're probably willing to take some risks yourself. Like Corey Rich's use of an incredibly precarious folding ladder tethered to the near vertical side of a mountain. Here's to hoping he… »10/12/12 4:40pm10/12/12 4:40pm

Ymup Oxygen Generating Backpack For Thin-Air Adventures

A Japanese company named Ymup is set to unveil what is being touted as the world's first oxygen generating backpack »7/24/08 3:00pm7/24/08 3:00pm. The generator itself is battery powered and should give climbers about 2 hours of O2 at a 30% concentration. It can even be operated via remote control should you need to remove your gear to negotiate a…