Gigabyte's Aivia Uranium Gaming Mouse Comes With Its Own Tiny Monitor

A beefed up computer ensures you can actually play the latest and greatest PC gaming titles, but if you want to compete online with even a marginal level of success, you're going to need to get yourself a kick-ass mouse as well. Gigabyte's new Aivia Uranium seems to fit the bill, particularly if you want to go wireless … » 4/17/13 10:20am 4/17/13 10:20am

This 20-Button Mouse Puts Your Everything to Shame

Some might think that Logitech has gone off the UI deep-end with its latest gaming mouse. It tops the company's previous efforts, and those of its competitors, with a total of twenty—count 'em twenty—programmable buttons. » 6/14/12 9:01am 6/14/12 9:01am

The Magic Mouse's Evil Twin Still Yearns For Your Gentle Touch

We didn't exactly walk away impressed with Logitech's unorthodox Cube mouse, but the company's just-announced M600 features a more traditional form factor, bearing a striking resemblance to Apple's Magic Mouse as it also sheds buttons for a touch-friendly surface. » 2/08/12 9:40am 2/08/12 9:40am