8 Things Made Out Of Carbon Fiber That Really Shouldn't Be

Things made of carbon fiber tend to be appealing-looking, light-weight, and durable. But sometimes we just plain wonder how on earth someone decided to choose the often pricey material for a particular piece of gear. » 3/17/10 9:00pm 3/17/10 9:00pm

Aluminum MacPadd Mousepad Matches Your Aluminum Mac

The MacPadd mousepad is a little matchy-matchy, but we can certainly appreciate the intent. Engineered entirely from anodized aluminum, the $25 MacPadd promises industrial durability, bacterial resistance, increased laser mouse precision and, of course, a complimentary style to your aluminum MacBook of choice. But for… » 11/24/08 7:00pm 11/24/08 7:00pm

Roll-up Mouse Pad Charges Your iPod and Plays It Too

Unlike other models we've seen » 11/20/08 7:00pm 11/20/08 7:00pm, this roll-up mouse pad doesn't just have some random, empty cylinder hanging off the side, spiting you like an empty tallboy through the workday. Instead, it uses this otherwise empty space to store a 4-port USB hub and a speaker complete with 3.5mm in and outputs. In other words, you…

Boob-centric Mouse and Mouse Pad Let Your Co-Workers Know Your True…

If you're a 13-year-old boy or just someone with the maturity level of a 13-year-old boy, you'll love this breast-related mouse and mouse pad combo. The mouse features a couple of boobs as buttons, while the mouse pad uses boobs as a wrist rest. For $38, it's probably the only way you're ever going to get your hands on … » 9/22/08 10:45am 9/22/08 10:45am

Boobies Mouse Pad Sets Feminism Back 50 Years

In honor of Valentine's Day, here's a mouse pad that no one who is in a healthy relationship would ever own. Yes, apparently blatantly sexist computer peripherals are all the rage these days, with underdeveloped manchildren getting off on their wrists resting on two vaguely breast-like mounds of rubber. » 2/14/07 10:58am 2/14/07 10:58am

Thanko Heated Mousepad Looks Odd, Gets the Job Done

Just in time for the cold and blistery winter season comes this device from Thanko. It is quite possibly the weirdest looking mousepad out, but it gets the job done, so I'm not complaining. This fish-looking sleeping bag will ensure your hand stays nice and warm while mousing at the computer. Oh, you crazy Thanko. What … » 11/15/06 10:27am 11/15/06 10:27am

TurboFragPad Mouse Pad Basically a Glowing Pane of Glass

The nerds at GameApex went ahead and did a 3 page review of a mouse pad. But not just any mousepad. These are the all glass, custom etched, super-duper high performance, cold-cathode lit TurboFragPad mouse pads. Oh Joy! Author Adil Qarni finds it to be nicer looking and bigger than the Loony Tunes pointer pad he bought … » 8/28/06 9:33pm 8/28/06 9:33pm