Twice-Weekly "Smart Bomb" Mouthwash: The Laziest and Most Wonderful Dental Development Yet

Complaining about dental work is kind of like complaining about airplane food or your wife's cooking—best to just avoid it unless you're feeling Dangerfieldian. And UCLA's got an experimental new "smart bomb" mouthwash it says might keep you out of the dentist's chair with just one rinse every four days. »11/21/11 10:00am11/21/11 10:00am

Afternoon News: Sharper Image Cellphones, Cancer-Detecting Mouthwash and More

• Sharper Image is now selling four unlocked Windows Mobile cellphones. The top of the line model has a 2MP camera, touchscreen, Bluetooth, tri-band, and GPRS, but sadly no ionic air-purifier or back massager. [Uber Phones]
• A new smart plug from the UK will reduce energy consumption by turning off gadgets that are… »1/02/08 3:59pm1/02/08 3:59pm