Sony Gives PlayStation Move Its Own Dev Kit Too

Microsoft recently opened up Kinect to all those developers that made weird homebrew things with the advanced camera, so why shouldn't Sony? They did! Sony's releasing a development kit called that will let people make weird ass applications with the PS3 motion sensor. Not sure what they could do that hasn't… » 3/03/11 5:48pm 3/03/11 5:48pm

Strike Fear Into The Heart of Nobody With The PlayStation Move Sharp…

Maybe if this PlayStation Move gun came in black it'd be a little more manly. But in white, with the Move's colored globe poking out of the end, it's as frightening as having a custard donut waved at you. » 12/10/10 4:40am 12/10/10 4:40am

PlayStation Move Controller is a Cheap Cellphone, Minus Calling…

On one hand, the Move controller is a very pricey gaming controller. On the other paw, iFixit's tear-down revealed "it's quite the bang for the buck," with a processor, accelerometer, gyroscope, Bluetooth, vibrating motor and MEMS compass tucked inside. » 9/20/10 3:40am 9/20/10 3:40am

Sony Move Review: Don't Be Wii 2.0

As expected, Sony's Move is perfectly competent, hardware-wise, because Sony is a hardware company. But making games that mimic Nintendo's casual-friendly Wii party games is the wrong move. Instead, they need to focus on their true fanbase: The hardcore fans. » 9/17/10 1:00pm 9/17/10 1:00pm

Playstation's MoveMen Will Stalk You, Crash Your Party and Force You To…

I'm not entirely certain what's going on in this commercial for the Playstation Move, but it appears that there are these freaky MoveMen who'll troll your Facebook page for mentions of parties, gatecrash, and force you to play a game. » 9/13/10 11:00pm 9/13/10 11:00pm

Good Luck Enjoying Your PlayStation Move With These Orb-Obstructing…

Hyperkin's "Sports Victory Set" of PlayStation Move accessories has a couple of problems. First, they are a bit ridiculous looking. (But hey, waving a dagger around could be fun). More importantly, they will mess up the whole damn system. » 8/30/10 2:00pm 8/30/10 2:00pm

PS Move Ultimate Boxing Gloves Will Make You a Safer Virtual Brawler

As much fun as it will be unleashing your motion-detected fists of fury via PlayStation Move, nothing will ruin the illusion faster than hurling your controller through your TV screen. CTA Digital's glove peripheral will help keep the peace. » 8/02/10 12:20pm 8/02/10 12:20pm

Japanese PlayStation Move Trailer Shows New Game Footage and New Weirdos

This 3+ minute Japanese trailer for the PlayStation Move comes complete with some new footage of Move games. As is Sony's wont, it takes place in a weird, artificial location, features a creepy woman and is very slickly produced. [Kotaku] » 7/06/10 2:40pm 7/06/10 2:40pm

Why It's Sad Sony Lost the Videogame Hardware Race at E3

E3's biggest loser? It's Sony. They've been lagging behind for years overall, but to lose at hardware, their strongest suit? What a pity. » 6/18/10 5:01pm 6/18/10 5:01pm

Best Buy and GameStop Already Allowing Playstation Move Preorders

If you're in a rush to order a Playstation Move, then you're in luck: Best Buy and GameStop are already offering preorders on the $99 Move bundle. [Best Buy and GameStop via Engadget] » 6/15/10 10:34pm 6/15/10 10:34pm

PlayStation Move Arriving September 19, Bundled For $99

Sony's got the stage at E3, and they just announced the date when their motion-controlled system, Move, will start sucking up your free time: September 19. A Move bundle, including an EyeToy camera and Sports Champions game, will cost $99. » 6/15/10 4:01pm 6/15/10 4:01pm

Sony Gets Catty About the Competition in PlayStation Move Ad

We're used to feeling oddly insulted by Sony ads, but for once it's everyone else who might need a hug. Because in this PlayStation Move ad, the competition gets named, shamed, and leaves crying for mommy. [Ars Technica via Kotaku] » 3/17/10 9:32pm 3/17/10 9:32pm

81 Places I'd Love to See the PlayStation Move

Who knew that the PS Move would be so fun to stick into out-of-context situations? Because man, the results of this week's Photoshop Contest are some of the best ever. » 3/16/10 2:00pm 3/16/10 2:00pm

PlayStation Move Requires a Scant 1-2MB of RAM

Sony's XMB may be a bit of a RAM hog, and Microsoft's Project Natal will require about 15% of the Xbox 360's resources. But the new PlayStation Move controller? Its footprint looks light. » 3/12/10 12:56pm 3/12/10 12:56pm

Insert the PlayStation Move Wand Into the Situations It'll Let You…

For this week's Photoshop Contest, I want you to take Sony's new PlayStation Move and put it in some real contexts. It's supposed to let you pretend to play with guns, swords and other objects, right? Let's see it. » 3/12/10 12:40pm 3/12/10 12:40pm

Mental Math: The PlayStation Move Experience Is Going to Be Expensive

Sony barely mentioned pricing with their PlayStation Move motion controller, only noting that the combo pricing with PlayStation Eye and a game will cost less than $100. But by our back-of-the-envelope calculations, the experience is going to be really expensive. » 3/11/10 5:28pm 3/11/10 5:28pm

Complain About Cellphone Use During A Movie And Get Stabbed With A Meat…

Next time someone complains about your habit of using a cellphone in the movie theater, just casually tell him this story of a man who got stabbed with a meat thermometer after making a similar complaint. » 3/10/10 6:40pm 3/10/10 6:40pm