1918's 48-Phonograph Sound System Was Way Ahead of Its Time

Before the rise of synchronized sound in the late 1920s, movie theater owners tried all kinds of different ways to get words and music into the movie-going experience. They brought in enormous orchestras, they built gigantic sound effects machines, and they even tried putting voice actors behind the screen who would… »10/14/14 4:46pm10/14/14 4:46pm

Where to Watch the 25 Movies Just Added to the National Film Registry

Each year the Library of Congress adds 25 movies to the National Film Registry for preservation. This year they've selected a broad range of films, with everything from Pulp Fiction to Mary Poppins to more obscure movies with historical significance, like the 1962 Academy Award winner for best animated short film, The… »12/18/13 6:41pm12/18/13 6:41pm

We've Been Blaming Movies for Real-Life Crime for Over a Century

Our nation's talking heads love to blame real world crime on various forms of media. Whether it's sexual video games, poopmouth song lyrics, or violent movies, we're led to believe that junk media creates deviance. But this is far from a new phenomenon. In fact, your great-great grandparents probably heard identical… »12/16/13 2:44pm12/16/13 2:44pm