Funny video combines all the major movie studio intro sequences into one

I’m always goofily interested in tracking the changes that happen to movie studio intro sequences just to see the ridiculous flair they add to them now that they have the technology to do so. This video by Art404 pokes fun of all the studios by merging them into one epic sequence, as if all the studios collaborated to… »5/28/15 9:42pm5/28/15 9:42pm


Blu-ray Report Card Calls Out Cheap and Lazy Movie Studios

The casual consumer has little idea what they're getting with a Blu-ray movie. Sometimes it's great, with restored picture and lots of brand new special features. Other times, it's just the same scratched up print and SD extras crapped out from DVD to Blu-ray. So Sound & Vision »10/07/08 4:20pm10/07/08 4:20pm decided to name names and called out…