Movie Theaters Should Be Like This

I love this movie theater layout. It would be my favorite theater ever. Wait, no. My favorite movie theater would have seats that would open into a pit full of hungry Great White sharks in the case people talked out loud, texted or ate making annoying noises. » 6/28/12 5:40pm 6/28/12 5:40pm

The World's Smallest Solar-Powered Movie Theater

Admit it, we're pretty demanding of our movie theaters: IMAX screens, seat shaking sound and glorious AC are the bare minimum. Sol Cinema offers a different experience. It's a glorified trailer that fits 8 people and is completely solar powered. » 12/09/10 3:40pm 12/09/10 3:40pm

The Projectionist: Gordon Brinckle's Secret Cinema

This was no hobby. The Shalimar Theater grew from a man's love, his dedication to a dying art. In The Projectionist, we see not just life's inherent frailty but also glimpse at the possibility of creation that transcends our mortality. » 10/20/10 3:00pm 10/20/10 3:00pm

Polaroid Partners with RealD for New 3D Glasses Line

Polaroid is looking to get a piece of the three dimensional pie, inking a deal with 3D tech firm RealD. This means the next pair of 3D frames you pick up in a movie theater could be Polaroid's curved-lens design. » 8/18/10 10:40pm 8/18/10 10:40pm

Tattle on Fellow Movie Patrons with a Guest Response Remote

Remember the gadget we told you about last year from Regal Cinemas that lets you tattle on your fellow movie patrons? It's available now in select NY theaters. The idea is that you can use this instead of having to walk out of the theater to tell ushers that there's a man on a cellphone/baby crying/minority stereotype… » 5/31/07 3:45pm 5/31/07 3:45pm

Wii: Coming To Theatres Soon

Craving some Wii Sports on a 344' screen, programmer Jon Peck and a movie theater manager buddy set up the Wii on the ultimate big screen. Instead of laying down hundreds of feet of cable, Peck created his own sensor bar using LEDs. Apparently they not only worked perfectly, but were functional from several rows… » 12/24/06 11:07am 12/24/06 11:07am