If Movies Ended When a Character Says the Movie Title They'd Be Hilariously Short

Chris Huebs came up with the brilliant idea to re-edit popular movies to end right after a character says the title of the movie. So when the audience is welcomed to Jurassic Park, boom the credits roll. When you meet the fellowship of the ring, bam it ends. It’s a hilarious gag because the title dropping in the…


Everything You Need to Know About Apocalypse Before His X-Men Movie Debut

Apocalypse is weird. He’s arguably the X-Men’s most powerful foe, but he’s not the most famous; he has a generic name, hard-to-defined powers, and his motives change a lot. And now he’s also going to be the big bad of the next X-Men film! Here’s a helpful primer before Apocalypse (the movie and the character) arrive…

Eight Things We Want From Rian Johnson's Star Wars Episode VIII

The stars are hyping it. The director has been teasing it. It’s really not that far off. Written and directed by Rian Johnson, Star Wars: Episode VIII will be going into production very soon, and as that date approaches, we’ve already started thinking about what we’d really love to see in the movie come December 2017.

When You Netflix Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, You’ll Be Somewhat Amused

Five years ago, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies was a runaway literary hit, with its gimmick of inserting the undead into Jane Austen winning lots of people over. Now at last, it’s a movie—in theaters today—and it has some entertaining moments here and there. It might be worth watching on DVD months from now, if you…

10 Movies That Secretly Hid Spoilers Inside the Movie Themselves

It’s always a nice wink at an unknowing audience when a movie reveals a huge spoiler during the movie itself. It’s harmless fun that most people don’t even catch because they don’t know enough about what’s happening in the movie yet. But on future watches it gives a little extra chuckle layer for people to enjoy.

Galaxy Quest's Happy Ending Is Actually an Evil Government Reality Show

In the last scene of Galaxy Quest, we see the once-washed-up actors, previously stuck in a decades-long hell of fan expos and ribbon-cuttings, back on the airwaves in a brand new show for the next generation of sci-fi fans! …Or so we think. There’s actually much, much more to it. And it involves energy-hungry feds and…

How Star Wars: The Force Awakens Combined Practical and Digital FX in a Revolutionary Way

Star Wars and visual effects have always developed in tandem. The original trilogy is known for its groundbreaking practical effects; the prequel trilogy was made with landmark digital effects. Now, with The Force Awakens, both the practical and the digital have been fused in ground-breaking ways.

I Miss the Heroes of the 80s Who Got Their Asses Kicked All the Time

The 80s were a simpler, more macho time. It was the era of Ronald Reagan, Rambo, and Bruce Springsteen’s patriotic denim buttcheek. But when I think about 80s pop culture, I think about heroes who got their asses handed to them. I miss that vulnerability and determination to keep going after a horrendous defeat.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Summarized in a Hilariously Crude 60-Second Animation

If you haven’t seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens yet, why bother? Just troll the entire world by saying you were too busy or that Star Wars is just okay or that you’re totally fine with missing out on whatever silly pop culture thing takes over the world for a few minutes every year. Just watch this hilarious speedrun…