Racing Rim Camera Is Clock, Spy Cam, MP4 Player, Impossibly Fugly

I'm not quite sure I've got this right, but this here thingy is a remote-controlled clock-MP4 player-hidden camera. Apparently it's a product that can be used for "any purpose you can think of, without anyone ever being the wiser." ¿Qué? The built-in camera is PAL and NTSC-compatible, there is 128MB of flash memory,… »4/14/08 9:30am4/14/08 9:30am

Maplin A93GC MP4 Player Attempts to Challenge iPod nano, Probably Fails

Maplin is positioning the A93GC MP4 player as a potential iPod nano killer, which is like saying Hillary wants to be president—we know that already. What we don't know, however, is how Maplin intends to accomplish this small feat. So far, the only, you know, facts we know are that it'll cost some $112 when it's… »9/06/06 12:31pm9/06/06 12:31pm