Shure Rolls Out Cheaper SE102MPA Phone Headset, Bundles Free Music Phone Adapter With Full SE Line

As you know from our recent »9/02/08 12:30pm9/02/08 12:30pm , we love Shure's SE line of in-ear headphones, especially when paired with the Music Phone Adapter that gives you a microphone and control button for your iPhone. Previously, the MPA was a $50 add-on and the cheapest phones you could get it with were the $120 SE110s, but the new SE102MPA…


Malaysian Authorities Award Medals to Pirate DVD Sniffer Dogs

Lucky and Flo, two black Labradors, have been given outstanding service awards for their part in a five-month campaign that has crippled DVD piracy. The two hounds are responsible for the seizure of over $6 million worth of illegal DVDs in Malaysia, as well as the arrest of 26 people, despite the fact that a $28,560… »8/20/07 8:30am8/20/07 8:30am