This Watch Tells You How Much Time You Waste Compared to Everyone Else

If you're worried that you've been sleeping in too much, or spending more time in front of the TV than you really should, you can finally see how your lifestyle stacks up to your fellow man by just glancing at your wrist. The rotating disc on Mr Jones Average Days watch takes 24 hours to make a full lap, and as it… » 10/04/13 2:40pm 10/04/13 2:40pm

Time Traveler Watch Uses Famous Landmarks To Mark the Hour

Are you a global jet-setter who still hasn't quite adopted a smartphone as your primary timekeeper? Well if you still prefer a trusty watch, and have a knack for recognizing famous landmarks around the world, Mr. Jones' new Time Traveler will guarantee you're on time no matter where on Earth you've landed. » 4/09/13 10:40am 4/09/13 10:40am

Ticking Teeth Skull Watch Walks the Line Between Clever and Morbid

Skull-based accessories are usually only popular with a certain demographic who've embraced the morbid side of life. But damned if this Last Laugh watch from Mr. Jones hasn't crossed the border into mainstream territories with a clever mechanism that shows the hour and minutes on the skull's teeth. » 1/18/13 2:20pm 1/18/13 2:20pm