The 98-Year-Old MS Paint Prodigy in Microsoft's Super Bowl Commercial

Remember Hal Lasko, the 98-year-old semi-blind artist who makes beautiful prints using Windows 95-era Microsoft Paint? He was in Microsoft's gorgeously sentimental commercial that aired during last Sunday's Super Bowl, as Mashable points out. Which is great, because we love the guy and his gorgeous work. »2/08/14 10:00am2/08/14 10:00am

You won't believe this picture of Santa Claus was drawn with MS Paint

The things some people can do with a pencil and paper are just ridiculous. The things some people can do with Photoshop or iPad apps is just unreal. Art is amazing! But what might be as impressive as any of that is what this guy did with MS Paint. He created an unbelievably photo realistic picture of Santa Claus with… »12/30/13 9:23pm12/30/13 9:23pm

Using MS Paint to Show the Imagination of a Child Is So Adorable

Anyone with a ticking heart and an Instagram account takes too many pictures of their newborn. It's okay to be proud! It's okay to coo and adore and love and snap photos of your baby! But at a certain point, probably past the 700 mark, those pictures become variations of the same damn thing. Helpless baby lying on… »10/04/13 11:00pm10/04/13 11:00pm

Watch a Music Video of Macklemore's "Thrift Shop" Hilariously Made with MS Paint

This music video of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' hit 'Thrift Shop' was made in MS Paint. And it takes every single lyric of the song completely literally. So when the song says poppin' tags, tags will literally be popped. And when the song says this is f*cking awesome? The word 'this' will literally be f*cking the… »3/02/13 1:00am3/02/13 1:00am

This Wonderful Guy Will Paint Whatever Picture You Ask For in MS Paint

If you want a picture of a dinosaur drawing people in an art class. Jim'll paint it for you in MS Paint. If you want a picture of Moby throwing ninja stars at a 'melancholic' badger wearing specific clothing in a specific situation. Jim'll paint it for you in MS Paint. Jim will basically paint you anything in MS Paint… »3/01/13 1:00am3/01/13 1:00am

Watch a Music Video of LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem Ridiculously Made with MS Paint

Like the hilarious Chris Brown Look at Me Now video before it, this music video of LMFAO's played too much Party Rock song is made completely with MS Paint. What's even better is that every lyric is literally interpreted so you'll see drawings of a rock with a party hat on inside a house when LMFAO goes, "Party rock… »1/22/12 9:00am1/22/12 9:00am

Watch a Music Video of Chris Brown's "Look at Me Now" Hilariously Made with MS Paint

Tell me the first thing that pops in your head when I say: yellow bottle sipping, shit look like a toupee and suicide doors. Got it? Now watch this MS Paint-created music video of Chris Brown's "Look at Me Now". It literally translates the lyrics into MS Paint graphics. I can't stop laughing. [BuzzFeed] »11/05/11 12:20am11/05/11 12:20am

MS Paint Gadget Fantasies are as Twisted as They are Unlikely

For this week's bonus MS Paint contest, I asked you to create fantastical fantasy gadgets using everyone's favorite rudimentary coloring program. Unsurprisingly, you guys have some pretty twisted fantasies that you want taken care of via unlikely technology. From promoting alcoholism to suggesting we turn the… »8/29/08 12:00pm8/29/08 12:00pm

90 Visions of Future in MS Paint are Terrifying, Insane

This week's Photoshop Contest wasn't a Photoshop Contest at all - it was an MS Paint contest. And while I knew I was going to get a boatload of insanity in my inbox, I wasn't quite prepared for what I got. You guys are insane »8/05/08 3:00pm8/05/08 3:00pm. In a good way… I guess. In any case, I whittled the entries down to my favorites, and yet…