MS Paint Gadget Fantasies are as Twisted as They are Unlikely

For this week's bonus MS Paint contest, I asked you to create fantastical fantasy gadgets using everyone's favorite rudimentary coloring program. Unsurprisingly, you guys have some pretty twisted fantasies that you want taken care of via unlikely technology. From promoting alcoholism to suggesting we turn the… » 8/29/08 12:00pm 8/29/08 12:00pm

Create Your Vision of the Future… Using MS Paint

This week, the Photoshop Contest is gonna be a little different. How so? Well, it's not going to be a Photoshop Contest at all. It's going to be an MS Paint Contest. Last week we saw some of the most technically-proficient entries in a contest yet, which was awesome. But let's lower the barrier to entry here. Not… » 7/31/08 12:40pm 7/31/08 12:40pm