Ballmer Doesn't Think World Is Ready For Cloud Computing

Added to the list of things that Steve Ballmer and Google have polar opposite opinions on »10/17/08 12:30am10/17/08 12:30am is “cloud computing,” which Ballmer argues consumers don't really want. In an interview with a Brazilian news source, the Microsoft CEO contended that even the best cloud computing applications would still have to be based on…

iBuddy Meatspace Instant Message Notification Guy Now On Sale

That iBuddy MSN emote guy we caw back at CES »7/29/08 2:40pm7/29/08 2:40pm is now on sale at Brando for $20. If you don't remember, you can set up notifications on your MSN buddies, so that when they sign on, the iBuddy goes nuts and flaps its wings. It also recognizes up to eight emotes and blinks/flaps/explodes accordingly. Sucks that it's only…

Hands-On Google Talk for iPhone (Verdict: Stick with

Google's brand new Gtalk webapp for the iPhone is as crappy as I expected it would be. It has a nice design, and sending messages was easy, but at the end of the day it's still running in Safari—which means if you get a call you are signed out of chat. And unlike other web-based IM apps, Gtalk doesn't work in the… »7/03/08 2:30pm7/03/08 2:30pm

Blackberry OS 4.5 Not Officially Arriving Until September

The Blackberry Internet Services 2.5 upgrade (and subsequent downtime) is still go for a June 29 launch, but there's a catch. According to the Boy Genius Report, some of the "sexiest" 2.5 features won't be available until Blackberry OS 4.5 arrives-in September. From the looks of the BIS 2.5 presentation they got their… »6/28/08 2:00pm6/28/08 2:00pm

Bill Gates You Have a Retirement E-Card from Gizmodo

Well, the time has come. It's 6 p.m., and according to the Bill Gates' retirement video, this is the exact moment Bill is leaving from his last day of work. With this monumental occasion, we thought it was only fitting we send him off with an MSN e-card. Feel free to give your best wishes to Bill in the comments. [… »6/27/08 9:00pm6/27/08 9:00pm

Microsoft Screws Customers Less, Keeps MSN Music Servers Open Late

Microsoft will extend the life of its MSN Music servers—that authorize its old purchased music for new PCs or players—to at least 2011, after originally scheduling them for shutdown later this year. After "careful consideration", it decided it was a good idea to hold off on screwing the poor folks who bought songs… »6/19/08 12:09pm6/19/08 12:09pm

MSN Direct Weather, News and Stocks Comes to Windows Mobile

MSN Direct's weather, news, stocks, and entertainment info have been available on MSN Spot devices for a while now, but have been surprisingly missing from Microsoft's own cellphone devices. Not anymore. You can get now up-to-date info right on your Windows Mobile home screen direct from whatever data connection you… »2/11/08 3:25pm2/11/08 3:25pm

NBC To Put 3,600 Hours of 2008 Olympic Games on MSN (in Silverlight)

In his CES keynote tonight, Bill Gates (and Bob Costas) announced that NBC would broadcast 3,600 hours of games from the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics via MSN on the site. The video will be both live and on demand, with over 30 simultaneous live broadcasts. The cool thing is that finally, people who… »1/06/08 10:20pm1/06/08 10:20pm