MSN Direct Weather, News and Stocks Comes to Windows Mobile

MSN Direct's weather, news, stocks, and entertainment info have been available on MSN Spot devices for a while now, but have been surprisingly missing from Microsoft's own cellphone devices. Not anymore. You can get now up-to-date info right on your Windows Mobile home screen direct from whatever data connection you… »2/11/08 3:25pm2/11/08 3:25pm

Hands On Garmin's Streetpilot C580 GPS: Instant Traffic, Movies, Gas Prices...with a Catch [UPDATED]

Dear Diary,
I'm back home! After a few hundred miles of scuttling between California ski resorts, seedy casinos skirting the Nevada border, and snowed out mountainous ranges between the two, I'm ready to declare Garmin's c580...not quite as good as its predecessor. That's not to say its not remarkable, however. »3/13/07 4:01pm3/13/07 4:01pm

Garmin Nuvi 670 GPS with MSNDirect for Weather, Traffic, Movie Times

Here's a leaked Garmin Nuvi GPS. Two things. The Nuvi's new widescreen format makes it harder to pocket, and the whole nuvi concept was pocketability. Secondly, this one pulls data from MSN Direct. You know the same tech that powers spot watches. Those things sucked, but this could work out nicely. It probably will… »11/28/06 11:58pm11/28/06 11:58pm

Melitta ME1MSB Smart Brew Coffeemaker Shows You Weather Reports

Okay, all you wonks who complained that we had a coffeemaker on the Giz the other day, keep scrolling. Now that the whiny geek is gone, let me tell you about the Melitta ME1MSB Smart Brew Coffeemaker, a 10-cup pot that uses Microsoft SPOT (Smart Personal Objects Technology) to give you almost-live weather data from… »9/15/06 11:29am9/15/06 11:29am