Microsoft Surface Predicts the Election with McCain and Obama Bobbleheads

MSNBC had an impromptu demonstration of its new Microsoft Surface table this morning, and gave political analyst Chuck Todd a chance to play with his dollies. At first, the goateed Todd moved states around, zooming, coloring and highlighting with his finger. Though he didn't really have a full handle on all the… »9/08/08 5:40pm9/08/08 5:40pm

MSNBC Newsreader Will Vomit Stories From Household Objects

MSNBC's new flash-based "visual newsreader" (as opposed to?) presents headlines by either spinning them off of a colorful 3-D spiral or spawning them from the dominant colors in front of your webcam. The service, called Spectra, is one of the most ridiculous ways to communicate information I've seen in a long time. So… »5/22/08 9:20pm5/22/08 9:20pm