Why Can't I Just Watch TV on the Goddamn Internet?!

News Corp, Viacom and Discovery issued to formal complaints to Time Warner this week, demanding the cable provider remove any of the trio's channels (MTV, FX, Discovery, etc.) from their iPad app, which streams live television to cable subscribers while they're at home. Today, Time Warner caved and removed the channels »3/31/11 10:00pm3/31/11 10:00pm

MTV Might Actually Help You Discover New Music Again With the Music Meter App

Would you believe me if I told you MTV might actually help you find some new music to listen to? Not by playing videos on their TV station, of course, but with their free new Music Meter app for iOS and Android. Basically you can browse a chart of new trending artists (or hunt around the database yourself) and peep… »3/04/11 2:00pm3/04/11 2:00pm

Goodbye, Productivity: MTV Music Site Posts Every Music Video Ever

Click to view »10/28/08 10:30am10/28/08 10:30am I hope you've got some time to kill, because the new website is pretty much the coolest thing ever for music fans. At long last, the MTV name is being associated with music videos again, because the "music" channel has gone and put its entire archive of music videos online, all embeddable and in high…

Internet TV Remote: Quick Links to Free Streaming Shows

You already know about all of the different ways to watch TV online »10/13/08 1:02pm10/13/08 1:02pm. Now you just want links to your favorite shows (plus all those new ones) as quickly as possible so you can ditch your TiVo and TV once and for all. Our Internet TV remote has the best links to every prime-time show currently streaming online at…

Yahoo Dumps Music Service, Sends Customers to Rhapsody

As if it hasn't been a rough enough patch for Yahoo, the company just announced that it would be ditching its iffy attempt at all-you-can-eat DRM music, Yahoo! Music Unlimited, and turn what subscribers it does have over to Rhapsody. This is good news for people who may have signed up for Yahoo before reading reviews;… »2/04/08 8:32am2/04/08 8:32am