Pretty Up Your Muffin Top With a Geometric Mold

We're already well aware that the muffin top is the irrefutable epitome of all that is good about muffins. But did you know that this marvel of modern culinary science can still be improved upon? Say hello to the geometric muffin mold. » 1/09/14 6:20pm 1/09/14 6:20pm

Students Build Robot Muffin Maker, Prompt Re-Write of Song

Do you know the Robotic Muffin Maker, the Robotic Muffin Maker, the Robotic Muffin Maker? Well: you do now. Built by a Industrial Electrical Technician students Carl Boucher and Dominic Dussault, there's almost no other info about the project. But no matter: forward to about 1:30, and check out the neat… » 5/29/08 10:45am 5/29/08 10:45am