A Lawsuit Wants to Keep Your Humiliating Mugshots Off the Internet

Some potential good news for delinquents, hooligans, and convicted felons alike: your mugshots may no longer have to haunt you 'til the End of Days. A suit representing over 250,000 previously-arrested Ohioans is attempting to take down the Internet's abundance of privately-owned mugshot publication websites. And they… »12/12/12 3:20pm12/12/12 3:20pm


How People Profit from Your Online Mug Shot and Ruin Your Life Forever

This July, Yolina (not her real name) was giving a language lesson to one of her students over the phone when he said he had something to tell her. She hadn't always taught over such long distances before—she was in California, her student in the Midwest—but after being laid off from her 14-year job as a community… »10/08/12 12:00pm10/08/12 12:00pm