Intel Buys RapidMind, a Company That Makes Multicore Parallel Programming Easier

Intel just picked up RapidMind, a company that specializes in making it easy for developers to optimize and program their applications for multicore processors. Their technology sounds a little bit like Apple's GrandCentral technology built into Snow Leopard, actually. It's an interesting move, since Intel already… »8/21/09 8:17pm8/21/09 8:17pm

MythBusters Build a 1100-Barrel Paintball Gun to Paint the Mona Lisa, Instantly

In a presentation made at Nvidia's NVISION show this week, Adam and Jamie unveiled a 1100 barrel paintball gun and—in an instant—painted a pretty convincing (if slightly drippy) Mona Lisa. In typical MythBusters fashion »8/28/08 9:20pm8/28/08 9:20pm, the incredibly elaborate experiment was only tenuously linked to their hypothesis. The…

Intel's Larrabee Multi-Core GPU Chips Get Detail, Timescale

About a year ago, we first brought you news on Intel's Larrabee »8/04/08 4:59am8/04/08 4:59am multi-cored GPU chips, but some new info is hitting the intertubes and hints that the chips could have uses beyond graphics. An alternative to developing faster—but hotter—processors, Larrabee will have between 16 and 48 processor cores aboard, all…