Intel Buys RapidMind, a Company That Makes Multicore Parallel…

Intel just picked up RapidMind, a company that specializes in making it easy for developers to optimize and program their applications for multicore processors. Their technology sounds a little bit like Apple's GrandCentral technology built into Snow Leopard, actually. It's an interesting move, since Intel already… » 8/21/09 8:17pm 8/21/09 8:17pm

Steve Jobs Explains OS X Snow Leopard in Three Easy Steps

The NY Times has a good interview with Steve Jobs in which Apple's CEO lets fly with very quotable, very understandable quotes about OS X 10.6. We already heard the details, but it was still hard to wrap our head around why Apple would make an operating system without many visible features and just go and change… » 6/10/08 3:03pm 6/10/08 3:03pm

Intel Plans 32-Core Processor by 2009/2010

It might be time to change our way of thinking about processor speed. Now Intel is hinting at processors with 32 cores available by the end of this decade. Sure, the company predicted 20GHz chips by 2010 a few years ago, but now instead of higher gigahertz numbers, they're talking multiple cores that will result in… » 7/10/06 8:33am 7/10/06 8:33am