Nokia N96 Media-Cameraphone Lands at Best Buy For $800

News of the European debut » 10/30/08 7:42am 10/30/08 7:42am and pricing of Nokia's anticipated N96 slider cellphone stirred up debate about its cost: but now it's nearly here in Best Buy and yes, that $800 price tag is intact. That's clearly just for the phone, naked and un-contracted to a provider, but it's a massive amount of cash—half as much…

Tiny Imovio iKit Handtop Computer is a Decade Too Late

At first glance, the iMe » 10/21/08 6:57am 10/21/08 6:57am (sorry!) iKit handtop computer sounds pretty fandabbydozy: it's a tiny, folding, 2.8-inch screen, QWERTY keyboard, Wi-Fi-enabled, webcam and Bluetooth-packing, multimedia-playing computer. But then you learn that it's got just a 3-hour battery life in operation, doesn't have 3G connectivity…

Celrun's Lluon A1 Mini-PC is Half-Notebook, Half-iMac-Alike, Atom-Powered

This upcoming mini-PC from Cellrun is something a bit like the old iLamp-style iMac » 8/22/08 5:00am 8/22/08 5:00am, a bit notebooky, a bit low-cost desktop Eee PC... but actually not like any of them too much: It seems to be it's own low-power, neat design desktop genre. It's got an 18.4-inch widescreen LCD, has built-in stereo speakers and…

Faber Imago+: Now Even Your Cooker Hood Has a Webcam

Faber's Imago+ cooker hood seems like a glimpse into the near future where every available gizmo in your household is some kind of electronics-packed entertainment system. It's first and foremost an extractor fan/filtration system that inhales the fumes from your cooking so you don't have to (at 870 cubic meters per… » 7/21/08 7:49am 7/21/08 7:49am

Retromodo: Microsoft Takes a Few Steps Back With "The Veda" Computing System

While The Veda concept is a fairly new idea out of Microsoft's R&D labs, the design itself looks as though it was picked out of a time capsule sealed in the mid '90's. Apparently, the Veda can be used as a phone when the screen is closed, as a multimedia player when the screen is open, and as a normal portable PC by… » 6/16/08 7:00pm 6/16/08 7:00pm

Multimedia Watch Makes Wrist Mounted Accessories Useful (Almost)

The day when the watch is once again a useful piece of technology is looming over us. For proof, check out Chinavasion's Multimedia Watch, which packs in a 1.8-inch LCD (160 x 128), voice recorder, in-built loudspeaker, 8GB flash, as well as support for pretty much every media codec ever conceived. (AVI, MP4, WMV,… » 3/04/08 5:00am 3/04/08 5:00am

Celrun TV HD Multimedia Player Supports Almost Every Codec Under the Sun

The Celrun TV multimedia player comes equipped to the back teeth. The HD multimedia player totes Ethernet, WiFi b/g for basic, network accessible storage; digital and analog TV tuners, IPTV support, DVR functionality, 320GB HDD, two USB ports, as well as RGB, S-VIDEO and HDMI outputs. Add to that the ability to… » 2/26/08 4:25am 2/26/08 4:25am

Moto ZiNE the Official Name For Upcoming Multimedia Phones?

Gizmos.es has a hot tip on the name for Motorola's upcoming multimedia phones: the Moto ZiNE. They've confirmed two Motorola ZiNE phones for 2008, one of which is an upgrade of the Motorola Z10 with touchscreen, keyboard, Wi-Fi and GPS. The other phone will have an 8-megapixel camera and optical zoom, and will be a… » 11/29/07 1:45pm 11/29/07 1:45pm

USB Multimedia Remote: Like Front Row For Your PC Laptop

If you are a die-hard PC user, but you have always been a little jealous of Front Row on Macs, this USB Media remote can provide a solution. The device allows you to play music, flip through photos, watch movies and control Windows Media Center all from an inexpensive remote that fits neatly into your laptop PCMCIA… » 11/22/07 5:30pm 11/22/07 5:30pm

Razer Pro|Solutions Pro|Type Multimedia Keyboard: iPod Dock to Finally Ship

We heard of a lot of big talk a year ago about the Razer Pro|Solutions Pro|Type Multimedia Keyboard, but it hasn't actually shipped since then. That's all changing now, where Amazon will offer it for the first time, for $129.99. If you can remember back that far, it has a universal iPod dock at the top of its keys,… » 4/02/07 2:15pm 4/02/07 2:15pm

Jobs Meeting With Telefonica Head For Cellphone Girl Talk

Gizmodo Spain's got the scoop on a couple of upcoming meetings between Apple's Job and Cesar Alierta, the big boy of international telecom giant Telefonica. Insiders say that besides swapping recipes, the two will discuss multimedia content, the secret "iPhone", and whether Pedro Almodovar's Volver will win anything… » 1/03/07 5:20pm 1/03/07 5:20pm

LG LAN-9600R In-Car GPS + Multimedia Entertainment System

LG shows off some GPS know-how with its LAN-9600R. Besides the fact that the built-in disc reader supports CDs and DVDs filled with all sorts of multimedia (MP3, WMA, Divx, etc.), the unit's 7-inch screen is motorized, meaning that it can retract into the dash at the push of a button. Now, LG cannot claim to be the… » 12/11/06 1:29pm 12/11/06 1:29pm

Toshiba TS32, TS80: Like Two Sisters Where Only One Is Hot

It must be cellphone Monday or something because Toshiba just announced two more phones for that crazy Hong Kong market, the TS32 and the TX80 (pictured here). Honestly, the TS32 (GSM) is lacking a little in the "golly gee" department, but the TX80 (WCDMA) is the bees knees to be sure. It gets a gold star for being 3G… » 12/04/06 4:29pm 12/04/06 4:29pm