Retromodo: Microsoft Takes a Few Steps Back With "The Veda" Computing System

While The Veda concept is a fairly new idea out of Microsoft's R&D labs, the design itself looks as though it was picked out of a time capsule sealed in the mid '90's. Apparently, the Veda can be used as a phone when the screen is closed, as a multimedia player when the screen is open, and as a normal portable PC by… »6/16/08 7:00pm

Razer Pro|Solutions Pro|Type Multimedia Keyboard: iPod Dock to Finally Ship

We heard of a lot of big talk a year ago about the Razer Pro|Solutions Pro|Type Multimedia Keyboard, but it hasn't actually shipped since then. That's all changing now, where Amazon will offer it for the first time, for $129.99. If you can remember back that far, it has a universal iPod dock at the top of its keys,… »4/02/07 2:15pm