Multiple-Display Software Follows Your Gaze to Keep You Focused

These days, multiple monitors are becoming the norm instead of the exception. And with most interfaces designed to capture your attention—everywhere and at all costs—the constant barrage of blinking windows, beeping notifications, and bouncing icons can be distracting if not entirely overwhelming. New Windows… » 4/02/13 2:40pm 4/02/13 2:40pm

My 15-Monitor Setup Sure Makes Up for My Lousy Childhood!

Oh, look at you with your three monitors. I bet you think you're king nerd of computer mountain, don't you? Well you know what? You suck. That's right. That's because I have fifteen monitors strung together making my screen bigger than all of yours. Did you hear me?! I HAVE THE BIGGEST SCREEN! Finally, I win at… » 5/02/08 10:26am 5/02/08 10:26am

Wall-o-Monitors: Stacking Up a Dozen Dells

If you dream of multiple monitors, try this on for size: a dozen 30" Dell flat panel displays mounted on one wall, hooked up to one PC. A guy nicknamed "Crazy John" used six NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GTX 512MB graphics cards to light up the wall of monitors, and needed three 1000-watt power supplies to keep the thing… » 4/13/06 1:32pm 4/13/06 1:32pm