The World's Best Pedestrian Bridge and 7 More Stunning Urban Structures

From a bridge that makes walking an adventure to a cost-effective way to revitalize an aging port, Architizer’s A+ Awards announced yesterday include smart and simple architecture for everyday life. Here are a few public structures that make grand statements about our changing cities or solve a universal problem in a… »4/15/15 12:00pm4/15/15 12:00pm


Martin Luther King's 1956 tips for riding integrated buses, examining how design has helped an Alaba

Martin Luther King's 1956 tips for riding integrated buses, examining how design has helped an Alabama county, building instant cities in Accra and instant skyscrapers in Mumbai, and how two New York architects are tearing down the work of their former friends. It's all this week in our favorite Urban Reads. »1/20/14 4:20pm1/20/14 4:20pm

Maximum City: Dizzying Images of Mumbai's Sky High Building Boom

Mumbai's housing market is a series of extremes: There are hundreds of skyscrapers being built, yet more than 60 percent of its citizens live in slums. Single families occupy immense towers, but the average living space is less than 14 square feet per person. Alicja Dobrucka, a Polish artist, set out document the… »1/19/14 1:00pm1/19/14 1:00pm

Check Out Mumbai's Sparkling New Airport Terminal

It's been almost three decades since Mumbai's airport saw a renovation—a long time, for a city that's seen some of the fastest growth in the world. But on Friday, officials unveiled an $890 million terminal, filled with Indian art and high-tech architectural acrobatics. Outside, it's bordered on all sides by… »1/12/14 1:00pm1/12/14 1:00pm

How This 116-Story Skyscraper Will "Confuse" the Wind

Last week, when Smith + Gill Architects unveiled its design for Imperial Tower, which will become Mumbai’s tallest building (by a lot!), their description of the project confounded many critics. “The building,” the architects explained, “is designed to confuse the wind.” Huh? Curious to know exactly what that meant,… »5/17/13 12:00pm5/17/13 12:00pm

Mumbai Terrorists Watch World React With Horror Using BlackBerrys

The terrorists in Mumbai might have committed inhuman acts, but in at least one way, they are just like you and me. When authorities cut the cable feeds to the hotels where the terrorists held over 200 hostages, they relied on another piece technology to monitor the police response and the world's reaction to the… »11/29/08 3:00pm11/29/08 3:00pm

Gadget-Filled $2 Billion Home Makes Bill Gates' House Look Like a Shack

Mukesh Ambani, head of Mumbai-based petrochemical giant Reliance Industries, is ranked as the fifth richest man in the world with a net worth of $46 billion. Unlike billionaires like Warren Buffet who reside in modest accommodations, Ambani is going balls-out with his new home. In fact, the home he calls "Antilla"… »5/02/08 6:00pm5/02/08 6:00pm