Fermilab Hunts Rare Subatomic Particles With This 50-Foot Electromagnet

Just because Fermilab shut off its famous Tevartron back in 2011 doesn't mean the entire facility closed down with it. In fact, the Chicago-area physics lab is embarking on an auspicious plan to develop some of the world's most powerful proton beam technology by the end of the decade. But first, researchers have to… » 7/29/13 11:30am 7/29/13 11:30am

KEF Muon Speakers: Mysterious, Tall, Handsome

These six-foot tall KEF speakers are made of shiny aluminum, and they're so incomprehensible that the high-end Brit speaker maker has named them after an atomic particle. Muon speakers aim high, trying to be the ultimate loudspeaker, with their specially molded aluminum form that the company calls "organic." We were… » 4/02/07 1:45pm 4/02/07 1:45pm