Ball-Balancing Robot Cheerleaders Make For One Heart-Warming Tech Demo

If you're an electronics company that builds cutting-edge sensors the average consumer never actually sees in a device, how do you go about promoting your work? Japan's Murata does so by building adorable little robots capable of impressive stunts—like riding unicycles or performing cheerleader routines while… »9/25/14 10:22am9/25/14 10:22am

Little Seiko Unicycling Robot Caught On Video, Unicycling Straight Into Your Heart

Here's video of Murata's Little Seiko »9/29/08 6:28am9/29/08 6:28am balancing robot up to its tricks on a unicycle. It's a smart little thing: as well as balancing on that single wheel with nifty gyro and counterbalance robotic action, it can do collision avoidance. And boy, if it isn't the cutest little robot you ever did see. []

'Little Seiko' Unicycling Robot Looks Like EVE Before She Learned to Hover

To follow up on its bicycling Murata Boy robot, Murata has subtracted a wheel, hired a stylist, thrown in a gyroscope and come up with the Seiko-chan, or "Little Seiko" unicycling robot. The small robot will be able to move forward and backward on its single wheel, and is even capable of keeping its balance at a… »9/24/08 10:15am9/24/08 10:15am