A Murder Suspect Actually Asked Siri Where to Hide the Body (Updated:…

Answering "I need to hide a body" used to be one of Siri's little jokes. She used to give suggestions. She doesn't anymore. Why? We can't be sure, but it miiight have something to do with an accused murderer who apparently asked the question in earnest. » 8/13/14 8:59am 8/13/14 8:59am

All 169 Game of Thrones season 4 deaths in one bloody supercut

People are constantly getting murdered on Game of Thrones. The whole show is just people trying to kill each other. Here's every on-screen death in season 4. It's bloody disturbing. Warning: Spoilers (DUH) » 6/20/14 10:03pm 6/20/14 10:03pm

Here's each of the 5,179 on-screen deaths in Game of Thrones

The best way to catch up with Game of Thrones before Season 4 starts? By watching this amazing supercut of every single on-screen death in the series so far. Made by Digg Video, it's a bloody gore-y mix of swords, spears, arrows, bare hands, etc. ripping apart flesh and ending human life. There's a total of 5,179… » 4/04/14 7:59pm 4/04/14 7:59pm

10 steps to commit a murder and get away with it

This is weird. One of those pages that use horrible graphical lists* to get traffic and Google juice posted an image called 10 ways to cover up a murder. It's disturbingly interesting—especially if you're psychopath looking to commit a murder. » 2/12/14 12:30am 2/12/14 12:30am

Actually, the Alleged Silk Road Kingpin Hired a Hitman TWICE

There was already a lot of evidence that alleged Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht (a.k.a. Dread Pirate Roberts) was not the world's greatest guy, and the condemning information just keeps rolling in. Newly surfaced legal documents say that the 29-year-old ordered not one but two hits on former associates. » 10/03/13 10:17am 10/03/13 10:17am

The Dark History Behind Earth Day's Murderous, Girlfriend-Composting…

As you step outside today to breathe in the fresh air and note our planet's lush, life-giving fauna, take a minute to appreciate the fact that this whole day exists thanks to the hard efforts of Earth Day's environmentally conscious, murderous conspirators. » 4/22/13 10:39am 4/22/13 10:39am

Whoa, Did Google Maps Just Reveal a Bloody Gruesome Murder?

Google Maps, the all seeing eye that can find naked pranksters, possible donkey hit and runs and other more serious crimes, may have just stumbled upon a bloody crime scene. The image shows what looks to be two people dragging a corpse and leaving a bloody trail on a pier. » 4/16/13 8:00pm 4/16/13 8:00pm

Man Shot Dead After GPS Error Leads Him to Wrong House

When Rodrigo Diaz set out to pick up his friends and go ice skating, he was in high spirits. But when his GPS navigation system took him and some friends to the wrong house, he was assumed to be an intruder—and shot dead. » 1/30/13 8:31am 1/30/13 8:31am

John McAfee Says He's Innocent and Thinks the Murder Was Actually Meant…

John McAfee, the anti-virus software kingpin, is wanted for murder in Belize. He says he didn't do it. And that the murder of his neighbor, Gregory Faull, might have actually been meant for him. The weirdness that surrounds McAfee is getting even crazier. » 11/12/12 9:20pm 11/12/12 9:20pm

Exclusive: John McAfee Wanted for Murder (Updated)

Antivirus pioneer John McAfee is on the run from murder charges, Belize police say. According to Marco Vidal, head of the national police force's Gang Suppression Unit, McAfee is a prime suspect in the murder of American expatriate Gregory Faull, who was gunned down Saturday night at his home in San Pedro Town on the… » 11/12/12 12:22pm 11/12/12 12:22pm

Paradise Lost 3: The Dramatic Story of the West Memphis Three Takes a…

This is the third installment in Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky's HBO documentary series that began in 1993 when three teenage boys from West Memphis, Arkansas—Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin, and Jessie Misskelley—were arrested and accused of brutally raping, mutilating and killing three eight-year-old boys. » 6/22/12 7:40pm 6/22/12 7:40pm

If You Kill Someone, Don't Google How to Do It First

A Florida couple accused of strangling a 19-year-old girl are almost certainly going to be convicted after leaving what amounts to the longest and most comprehensive trail of incriminating digital evidence we've ever seen. Sheesh, has nobody heard of incognito mode? » 6/06/12 10:12am 6/06/12 10:12am

Non-Zombie Arrested for Beating Man to Death With Prosthetic Arm

Ray Allen Brown, a 52-year-old non-zombie Arkansas man, is in jail tonight, charged with second-degree murder for the death of 52-year-old Robert Brindley. No bath salts are known to have been involved, nor was any human flesh consumed by the human charged with the crime. » 6/01/12 11:40pm 6/01/12 11:40pm

The History of Sux, the World's Most Discreet Murder Weapon

You might notice the sting of the injection. Within seconds you'd realize you're having trouble moving your eyes and fingers, followed by your arms and legs. If you were standing, you'd collapse. In a heap on the floor, you'd realize nearly every muscle in your body was paralyzed. Being fully conscious, your sense of… » 5/28/12 1:00pm 5/28/12 1:00pm

Idiot Hitman Uses "HitManForHire" Domain Name

Sometimes it's hard to tell if the site you're on is legit. But if you stumbled on HitManForHire.net, what would you think? A joke, right? Turns out its owner was dead serious. I can't believe I have to explain this, but: If you plan to commit crime, don't announce it online. Okay? » 2/28/12 12:20pm 2/28/12 12:20pm

Two People Are Dead Because They Unfriended This Man's Adult Daughter…

A Tennessee man, Marvin Potter (on the right), is in police custody tonight, charged with two counts of first degree murder in the shooting deaths of a couple who had unfriended his 30-year-old daughter on the popular social site. » 2/08/12 7:10pm 2/08/12 7:10pm

Lunatic Preparing to Bomb Government Buildings Arrested

Police have arrested a man who was allegedly in the process of building pipe bombs which he intended to use to kill elected officials, government workers, and returning military personnel. Don't worry, everybody, the world is still full of assholes. » 11/20/11 8:56pm 11/20/11 8:56pm

Hitman Falls For His Mark and Fakes Her Death. With Ketchup. For Love

It could only happen in the movies. Except it didn't. A Brazilian woman suspected her husband of cheating, so she hires a hitman to kill the supposed she-devil. Only the hitman falls in love the homewrecker instead. So what does he do? He fakes her murder. With LOTS of ketchup. » 9/24/11 5:30pm 9/24/11 5:30pm

Mexican Drug Terrorists Torture and Murder Online Critics

We know the Zetas drug cartel can be as sophisticated as any modern government. But the rest of the time, they're as mercilessly savage as the lowest criminal thugs. And now they're aiming the horrific bloodshed at online opponents. » 9/15/11 1:15am 9/15/11 1:15am

A Murderer Tricked His Victim's Family Into Thinking Their Son Was…

Disturbing. Morbid. Calculated. Cold-blooded. Nothing can quite describe Edward Younghoon Shin, a man who murdered his business partner, Christopher Ryan Smith, and then sent e-mails to Smith's family pretending to be Smith so they would think their son was still alive. » 9/01/11 1:20pm 9/01/11 1:20pm