A Pianist Recreates Popular Ringtones and the Results Are Actually Really Fun

Musician Tony Ann recreated popular ringtones—like the iPhone’s Marimba and T-Mobile’s jingle—with a piano. Though hearing other people’s ringtones in real life is totally annoying, listening to their piano arrangements is quite nice (in a “hey, I know this tune but can’t quite figure out why I know it” sort of way).


Trippy Short Film Uses Totally Random Objects to Make Music

I’m not exactly sure what I’m watching, but I’m into it. Musician Broke For Free created music by re-imagining sounds made by the world around us. Rocks can become a drum set; a palm tree is suddenly a synth organ. Mix in a little partying by the pool and jumping back and forth in time, and it’s a little like being on…

Liquid Filled Vinyl Records Exist, and Some of Them Are Super Gross

Vinyl nerds love limited editions, and one of the rarest subsets of gimmick records are the liquid-filled variety. You read that right—liquid-filled vinyl. The concept isn’t all that new, and was first (abortively) attempted by Disney in the ’70s, but it’s only become popular and viable in more recent years.