World's Largest Music Box Plays the Harry Potter Theme (Also Tchaikovsky and Liszt)

Do you like those tiny automatic musical instruments you can wind up and listen to their adorable jingling tunes? Or your grandma’s dancing ballerina music box? Or the wooden cable car model you have got from your uncle, playing “I Left My Heart in San Francisco”? If so, this overgrown hybrid of a music box and a… »11/18/15 2:00pm11/18/15 2:00pm

All of Google's Confusing, Intertwined Music Services Explained

Last week, Google launched YouTube Music to a few cheers, a few groans, and a lot of “don’t they already have a music service?” In fact, they have several: Google Play Music and YouTube Red, for starters. But don’t be fooled—they seem separate, but they actually complement one another. »11/18/15 12:40pm11/18/15 12:40pm

Should Doctors Be Allowed to Listen to Music During Surgery?

If you’ve had surgery under anesthesia in the last couple of decades, your doctor was probably listening to her favorite music while operating. There’s growing debate in the medical field about whether music in the operating room really helps surgeons focus or creates a potentially dangerous distraction. »11/13/15 6:00pm11/13/15 6:00pm