It's All Music to Your Ears With the SoundFocus App

Unless everyone around you took a vow of silence the moment you were born and you spent the intervening years in a sensory deprivation tank, a sound isolation chamber of some kind, or one of our planet’s rare, ultra-quiet environments, your hearing is already damaged, at least a little. It’s a part of life. »8/16/13 6:20pm8/16/13 6:20pm


Music Is Still Too Expensive To Be Free, Too Free To Be Expensive

In this corner, we have recording artists - those beleagured believers clinging dearly to the notion that they can quit their day jobs, just like their tune-slinging forebears did. As many have pointed out, they don't make much per stream from even today's most popular streaming services - about $0.003 from iTunes… »9/06/12 12:40pm9/06/12 12:40pm

How to Keep One Ear Open When Using Headphones

We often think of listening to music with headphones as creating "a soundtrack for our lives." But when you think about it, the music in films usually plays in the background to enhance the setting, not drown it out. Unless you live in a persistent montage scene (where the music comes to the fore) or you're having one… »8/01/12 4:00pm8/01/12 4:00pm

Brain Shift Radio Controls Mood with Music—Awesome or Creepy?

In Philip K. Dick's book Do Android's Dream of Electric Sheep? (a.k.a. Blade Runner), the lead character Rick Deckard and his wife alter their mental states with devices called Mood Organs. Rising in the morning, Deckard dials in a "businesslike professional attitude," while his vengeful wife selects no fewer than six… »7/20/12 7:00pm7/20/12 7:00pm

Nine Supercharged iOS Players to Power Up Your Music Collection

Music fans who were reluctant to replace boomboxes, turntables, and shelves of physical media with digital music players and spreadsheet-like displays of their music collection have plenty of new reasons to change their minds and get onboard. Or, if you embraced digital music from the get-go, well, now you have new… »6/01/12 7:40pm6/01/12 7:40pm

The Guitar Collection: George Harrison for iPad: A Fantastic Look at a Great Musician's Instruments

If you're any self-respecting music fan, there was probably a point in time where you wanted to make music yourself. And then you realized you didn't have any talent. And then you realized you couldn't afford the instruments. The Guitar Collection: George Harrison won't solve your talent or instrument problem but at… »2/27/12 6:00pm2/27/12 6:00pm

Artist Growth: Become a Real Musician and Make Some Damn Money

Selling out! The biggest fear of any musician. And maybe it sucks for purists and for people who don't like money or something but for the rest of us? Getting paid to do what you love to do is the dream. Artist Growth is an app that helps real musicians organize themselves. Like a responsible manager without the… »2/21/12 6:00pm2/21/12 6:00pm

Sprd the Note: Peer-to-Peer Music Sharing on Your iPhone

Listening to new music on the iPhone with nice headphones is a wonderfully personal experience. Listening to new music on the iPhone with your friends through the tiny speakers sucks. And the last thing you want is to share your earbuds. That's just gross. The Sprd the Note app will keep your ears disease-free by… »11/29/11 6:00pm11/29/11 6:00pm