Guitar Hero and Rock Band Controller Mod For Finicky Fingers

Guitar Hero fans usually hate the Rock Band guitar controller and vice versa. Instructables has a pretty good how-to that can solve the problem for Guitar Hero fans at the cost of a Rock Band controller. It's a way to mash up an old PS2 Guitar Hero controller with the Rock Band Fender guitar and make a perfect hybrid… »7/17/08 9:30pm7/17/08 9:30pm

Premium Rock Band 2 Drum Kit Surfaces: "Badass" Is The Word You're Looking For

I play Rock Band like a champ, and when I'm with my crew I'm usually on drums. I'm a drummer, and I love playing them, and the included drum controller always seemed just fine to me. Kotaku found this photo of the premium Rock Band 2 kit and I've decided I must have it. UPDATE: OK, so this kit doesn't ship with Rock… »7/11/08 8:20pm7/11/08 8:20pm