Samsung Beat Clamshell Musicphone Heading to T-Mobile This Month

Following up on the Samsung Blast, T-Mobile is going to receive another slider a clamshell from Samsung this month in the form of Samsung Beat. It's going to have a 1.3-megapixel camera, myFaves compatibility, on-face music control buttons, a green ring speaker and various other standard features that aren't really… »9/04/07 2:45pm9/04/07 2:45pm

Shure iPhone Headset Adapter Lets Any Headset Make Calls

If you've had any type of headphones plugged into the iPhone when you're on a call—including that tape adapter you have for your car—you'll notice that you can hear the person fine, but they can't hear you. Obviously, that's because there's no microphone on those headphones you're wearing. Shure's Music Phone Adapter… »7/25/07 1:09pm7/25/07 1:09pm

Sprint Joins Us in the Real World: Over-the-Air Tracks 99 Cents in April

Piggybacking on the UpStage phone we've oohed and ahhed over for the last couple of days (and months), Sprint is lowering the price of OTA music downloads from their 1.5 million track library to 99 cents. Thank. Christ. OTA music prices have been obscene for far too long. »3/28/07 8:30pm3/28/07 8:30pm

Power Vision Music ($20 a month): Seems…