Concert Hands Teaches Piano with Wrist Straps and Electrical Zaps

What looks kinda creepy actually sounds quite cool. The Concert Hands system teaches you piano (or keyboard) using a 10-finger feedback system that gently pulses when you should play, coupled with an automated wrist pilot that guides you across octaves. » 8/20/09 2:20pm 8/20/09 2:20pm

Vocaloid 3: Japanese Synthesized Singing Sensation Now Knows English

Vocaloid, the super-popular singing synthesizer from Japan has now gotten an update-and it (she) is bilingual! Meet Megurine Luka, who's "moody and husky" voice is now yours to command in both Japanese and English. » 1/09/09 1:30am 1/09/09 1:30am