Four seasons pass in three minutes in this beautiful stop-motion video

Time doesn't stop for anybody. Seasons keep rolling one after the other. Weather could care less if you're cold or hot or just right. And life eventually ends. This new stop motion music video directed by Toby and Pete for Chet Faker's Talk Is Cheap examines all that in 3 minutes. It's mesmerizing to see a year's life… » 2/20/14 7:57pm 2/20/14 7:57pm

Kanye West: Black Skinhead (A Music Video Inside a Moleskine)

Sort of like the literal MS Paint renditions of popular songs, this music video of Kanye West's visceral Black Skinhead draws out each of his lyrics inside the pages of a Moleskine for you to follow along. It's an art-filled music video inside a plain Moleskine. Like the pages are opening up to a pounding orchestra. » 7/12/13 8:00pm 7/12/13 8:00pm

Stunning Video Is Animated With Nothing but Light and Freezing Breath

Considering that basic projectors are fairly dated pieces of tech at this point, the number of people still putting them to ingenius, wildly creative use is almost baffling. And this recently released video from the band Travis is no exception. With nothing but their trusty projector and some likely hyperventilating,… » 7/02/13 12:21pm 7/02/13 12:21pm

Everyone Who Records Video on Their Phone Needs to Follow This Rule

I understand that when you take a picture or video with your phone, it makes a lot of sense to hold your phone upright. It's more comfortable! It's totally natural! And though Instagram has helped fix portrait mode pictures by squaring them off, we still haven't solved the portrait video problem. It's awful to watch… » 6/27/13 9:08pm 6/27/13 9:08pm

How Many of These Viral YouTube Videos Did You Watch?

For YouTube's comedy week, Dane Boe created this music video 'We Didn't Star the Viral' (riffing off Billy Joel's We Didn't Star the Fire) that recaps pretty much all the viral videos that became infamous on YouTube over the last 8 years. You know the usual suspects: Keyboard cat, Star Wars kid, evolution of dance,… » 5/24/13 10:45pm 5/24/13 10:45pm

Why Is YouTube Censoring David Bowie's SFW New Music Video?

Here we go again. After Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" video was pulled from YouTube last month, David Bowie's latest video from his new album "The Next Day" has been pulled from YouTube for violating the site's Terms of Service as pointed out by Billboard. But it's unclear why for a number of reasons. » 5/08/13 2:24pm 5/08/13 2:24pm

Watch a Music Video of Macklemore's "Thrift Shop" Hilariously Made with…

This music video of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' hit 'Thrift Shop' was made in MS Paint. And it takes every single lyric of the song completely literally. So when the song says poppin' tags, tags will literally be popped. And when the song says this is f*cking awesome? The word 'this' will literally be f*cking the word… » 3/02/13 1:00am 3/02/13 1:00am

Watching This Holiday Music Video on Multiple Smartphone Screens Will…

Victoria Justice, a wonderfully pretty girl, and Max Schneider, some guy who looks fresh out of the Jonas/Bieberian factory, teamed up to make a holiday music video that'll surely make tween YouTube commenters swoon and post something about MARRYME4LYFEMAX or OMG DO A SONG WITH BIEBER. Whatever. What's actually cool… » 12/18/12 1:30am 12/18/12 1:30am

Music Video Uses Three Projectors and a Blank Room To Make Your…

If Star Trek: The Next Generation was any indication, we're still hundreds of years away from actual holodeck technology that lets us travel the world without ever leaving home. But a music video for a Belgian group called Willow comes pretty close to recreating the experience using nothing but a triad of video… » 9/12/12 5:45pm 9/12/12 5:45pm

Nokia's Lumia Rap Is the Worst Thing to Happen to Music, Gadgets, and…

Nokia. Nokia, Nokia. You were doing things well. You made a smartphone that was well received, and looked nothing like an iPhone. People liked it. People are buying it. And then you created a video parody of Rack City. Nokia... » 5/10/12 10:29am 5/10/12 10:29am