Junk Guitar Class, for Wannabe DIY Electric Guitar Makers

Ah the electric guitar... every time I eat at a Hard Rock Cafe, it's these fabulous bits of rock paraphernalia that grab my attention. Fascinating: design, art, creativity in one gizmo. And yet at heart they're very simple: a plain solid body, strings, and some pickups. So very simple in fact, that a guy called Ranjit… »7/29/08 8:04am7/29/08 8:04am

Time Harp Instrument is Motion-Sensing, String-Playing Howler

"Argh, um, ooh... actually that's kinda interesting" is an approximate record of my thoughts as I heard the Time Harp play in this vid for the first time. The robo-musical instrument grinds plastic discs against strings to make them resonate, activated by motion sensors. And it produces...well, a kind of vooming hum… »6/29/08 4:30pm6/29/08 4:30pm

Yamaha Keyboard-Notebook Combo Concept For On-the-Go Ivory-Ticklers

Milan's Salone di Mobile always has a bunch of concept gadgets designed by tech companies, and this is one of Yamaha's efforts. It's a keyboard-in-a-folder, and is the perfect tool for busy musicians and composers. Travellers stuck in the same train carriage as someone carrying this should thank their lucky stars that… »4/30/08 6:30am4/30/08 6:30am

DIY Pocket Theremin Out-Classes Beamz with a Wave of Your Hand

Forget the crapness of the Beamz laser-harp music thing with a real touchless music system: the Theremin. The guys at Popsci have a MAKE-style DIY project online that shows you how to build a pocket-sized version of the classic device. Since it uses a light-level input system, it's a little simpler to build than the… »4/08/08 12:39pm4/08/08 12:39pm