Piano Doorbell Turns the FedEx Guy Into a Virtuoso

Musical doorbells are annoying enough, but what if you gave your visitors the freedom to express themselves creatively? That's exactly what designer Li Jian had in mind when he came up with the Pianobell. Unless you are friends with a lot of talented musicians, I don't see much of an upside here. On the other hand, it… » 8/08/08 5:50pm 8/08/08 5:50pm

Junk Guitar Class, for Wannabe DIY Electric Guitar Makers

Ah the electric guitar... every time I eat at a Hard Rock Cafe, it's these fabulous bits of rock paraphernalia that grab my attention. Fascinating: design, art, creativity in one gizmo. And yet at heart they're very simple: a plain solid body, strings, and some pickups. So very simple in fact, that a guy called Ranjit… » 7/29/08 8:04am 7/29/08 8:04am

Time Harp Instrument is Motion-Sensing, String-Playing Howler

"Argh, um, ooh... actually that's kinda interesting" is an approximate record of my thoughts as I heard the Time Harp play in this vid for the first time. The robo-musical instrument grinds plastic discs against strings to make them resonate, activated by motion sensors. And it produces...well, a kind of vooming hum… » 6/29/08 4:30pm 6/29/08 4:30pm

Yamaha Keyboard-Notebook Combo Concept For On-the-Go Ivory-Ticklers

Milan's Salone di Mobile always has a bunch of concept gadgets designed by tech companies, and this is one of Yamaha's efforts. It's a keyboard-in-a-folder, and is the perfect tool for busy musicians and composers. Travellers stuck in the same train carriage as someone carrying this should thank their lucky stars that… » 4/30/08 6:30am 4/30/08 6:30am

DIY Pocket Theremin Out-Classes Beamz with a Wave of Your Hand

Forget the crapness of the Beamz laser-harp music thing with a real touchless music system: the Theremin. The guys at Popsci have a MAKE-style DIY project online that shows you how to build a pocket-sized version of the classic device. Since it uses a light-level input system, it's a little simpler to build than the… » 4/08/08 12:39pm 4/08/08 12:39pm

Pac-Man Electric Guitar For Retro Game Loving Rockers

I can't play the guitar worth a damn, but with any luck the Pac-Man electric guitar would allow me to tap into my inner musician by channeling my dominant inner gaming nerd. Designed by Specimen Custom Guitars, the Pac-Man guitar features a blinking headstock and a variable-speed knob located on the eyeball that can… » 11/06/07 9:20pm 11/06/07 9:20pm

Roadies Grateful for Infinite Response VAX-77 Folding Keyboard

Infinite Response has taken a stab at making keyboards a bit easier to lug around with the VAX-77, which can be folded in half and will even fit in a plane's overhead compartment. The retro keys are available in five totally rad colors, including "blood red," "screaming yellow," "emerald green," "basic black" and… » 10/26/07 6:00pm 10/26/07 6:00pm