Strapya Theatre Presents: Dude Trying to Score with MP3 Card*

*DISCLAIMER: That's Strapya's official promotional YouTube video title. I wanted to tell you all about Strapya's ultra-thin Music Card player, but I'm having an extremely hard time concentrating after watching this spot. Advertising genius or marketing suicide? You decide. » 11/18/09 12:07pm 11/18/09 12:07pm

Meizu M3 Music Card Preview

We're actually fans of Meizu » 4/28/07 3:15pm 4/28/07 3:15pm's players, despite (or maybe because of) their similarities to Apple's offerings. Their latest, the Meizu M3 Music Card, has 8GB of storage, 1.5-inch display, FM radio, 20-hour battery life, and a $100 price point.

Meizu Music Card Design Winner

Remember the contest Meizu had for users to design their next MP3 player? Well, this is the winner. Normally I would begin shouting blasphemy because it looks hell of a lot like an iPod knock-off, but I just don't care anymore. » 1/12/07 11:47am 1/12/07 11:47am

Meizu MusicCard (M3) in the Works

Meizu has another MP3 player in the works that looks mighty impressive. The MusicCard, or M3, is a small-form-factor dap that appears to be the size of a credit card, but a little thicker. The M3 will support the usual array of audio codecs including FLAC and Ogg, and be available in 2, 4 and 8GB models. The battery… » 12/06/06 10:12am 12/06/06 10:12am