The Network Inside Tesla's Model S Is Just Like The One in Your House

The Tesla car company isn't shy about breaking from automotive standard practice, building fast, near-silent, sleek electric cars in a world where most vehicles still sip dinosaur juice. So it probably shouldn't surprise you to learn that the complex electronic infrastructure supporting the car's many sensors and… » 4/04/14 2:54pm 4/04/14 2:54pm

MUSK Funds Pacific Underwater Expedition, Finds Godzilla's Watch

We're not sure what kind of person would enjoy this outsized watch from MUSK (even Biggs had a limit), but if he's out there, he's got one big wrist. The makers claim that this watch is the world's largest, and at 1.57 pounds, that's pretty believable. » 4/16/07 2:00pm 4/16/07 2:00pm