HD DVD Copy Protection Only Partially Cracked

The Advanced Access Content System (AACS) Licensing Authority (the dudes in charge of HD DVD copy protection measures) has confirmed that the security measures of certain HD DVDs has been cracked. The hack, which is the work of a person posing as muslix64, doesn't actually apply to all HD DVDs, though. In other words,… » 1/26/07 9:06am 1/26/07 9:06am

First Pirated HD DVD Movie Weighs in at 19GB

It's only been a few weeks since Muslix64 bypassed HD DVD's DRM protection and now it appears the first HD DVD movie has made its way onto BitTorrent. The movie of choice is the sci-fi flick Serenity, which weighed in at 19.6GB. The .EVO file is playable on most DVD software packages like PowerDVD, the question is… » 1/16/07 2:46pm 1/16/07 2:46pm