Impale Your Books With a Katana Sword So They Never Topple

Samurais are a resourceful bunch, roaming the country looking for freelance work. So it's no surprise they've come up with a really simple way to keep books on a shelf from falling over: just stab them all through the heart with a sword. Or at least we're assuming that's how this Katana Bookend from Mustard works. » 1/11/13 6:20pm 1/11/13 6:20pm

I Applied to Grey Poupon's Members-Only Facebook Page... and Was Denied…

Grey Poupon, widely known to be the condiment aisle's fanciest dijon mustard, isn't just snooty its advertisements. The brand's Facebook page actually screens Facebook profiles before accepting friends into its "members only" social circle of fancy fans.
The Society of Good Taste (as they call themselves)is a… » 9/14/12 9:00pm 9/14/12 9:00pm